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May 22, 2011 06:00 PM

54th and 6th Ave, Manhattan

Closest and best kosher restaurants?

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  1. What are you looking to spend? If somebody deep-pocketed is paying, Solo is two blocks away.

    1. Going to an event at the Hilton? ;)

      Usually if I am there, I go to Cafe Classico. If it suits you, the Great American Health Bar is right next door.

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      1. re: tamarw

        Yes, at the Hilton. I've been to Solo, will try the other suggestions too. Also, any thoughts on the Lower East Side?

        1. re: mamaleh

          On the LES, I like Noah's Deli, it's a deli, not a destination restaurant, but the french-fried sweet potatoes are heavenly.
          Noi Dui, an excellent, Italian bistro, is a mile north of you, at 67th, or so.

          1. re: AdinaA

            I had take away from Noi Due 3 night in a row last time I was here. It was fabulous. I have had frozen travel meals from Noah's. Same place?

        2. re: tamarw

          I had the spinach quesedilla (more like a crunchy burrito) from GA Health Bar, and lentil soup for lunch. Very good! Also, Noi Due for dinner again :)
          Will try Cafe Classico and Taam Tov as well on this trip.
          Thanks for the tips!

        3. Second the Solo rec - it's in the Sony building

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          1. re: brooklynkoshereater

            Lunch or dinner?

            If lunch, go to Taam Tov on 47th b/w 5th and 6th. Excellent Bukharian.

            1. re: DeisCane

              DeisCane is spot on; although Taam Tov has the decor you expect in an inexpensive, third floor kosher lunch place - the food is wonderful. And they deliver. 212 768 8001.

              I'm pretty sure that the kosher lunch cart is still parked at W. 47th and 6th. Run, because there is not much kosher street food west of Tel Aviv.

              And, I'm sorry but I have no idea whether Noah's makes frozen travel meals. They do burgers and classic deli very well.

              1. re: AdinaA

                Maybe mamaleh is confusing with Noah's Ark in Teaneck, which does do frozen meals.

                1. re: vallevin

                  Yes, that is what I was thinking of. Thank you.

                  1. re: mamaleh

                    The two Noah's Arks are related, but the NJ one is bigger, and likely where the frozen meals come from.

                2. re: AdinaA

                  Fun, I meant to type Fun, because there is not much kosher street food west of Tel Aviv.