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May 22, 2011 05:46 PM

Nourish - Outstanding Caterer in Rehoboth Beach, DE

I just got off the phone with my mother who was overjoyed the birthday meal that Nourish catered for us this weekend. It's not easy to please 10 adults and 7 kids but we were so happy with the results.
Every single dish was delicious, fresh, and of excellent quality. My step-brother the chef was extremely impressed overall and especially by the way they managed to grill everything so that it had a wonderfully smokey flavor, without being overcooked despite the fact that the food was prepared for pick-up. (In fact, we had more of the salmon for dinner tonight and it was just as delicious reheated.)
I want to mention that the key lime cheesecake, flank steak (which we finished cold at breakfast this morning), tamari grilled salmon, and the yukon gold potatoes with shitake mushrooms were standouts, but everything was so good, it's hard to call those out without feeling like I'm somehow slighting the appetizers (mango spring rolls, tomato/garlic bruschetta, and grilled vegetables with aioli) which were also wonderful. We could not get over how enormous the birthday cakes were (perhaps I should have asked about their size) and how fresh. Those leftovers will be shared with many happy teachers in two schools tomorrow, so they certainly won't go to waste.

Jane couldn't have been kinder as we placed the order and picked it up and Deberah was creative with her menu suggestions and flexible in accordance with our preferences.

This was a leap of faith since we don't live nearby and didn't really have a recommendation (except what we found online). But the website was cute and had some good info on it and when we picked up the phone, everyone we spoke with was kind and helpful, so we went for it. And we're glad we did!

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  1. This weekend, our family and friends will attend the party at grandma's house at Dewey Beach because it is her 90th birthday.
    I wonder if Nourish will cater some tradtional mexican dishes like: Corn Tortillas; Bolillos and Green Salsa (Verde). Should I give it a try?

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      You should definitely give Nourish a call. They are on Facebook and regularly update their status so you could even contact them that way.