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May 22, 2011 04:37 PM

Where to eat within 30 minutes of Millville?

Thirty minutes is a little arbitrary. We will be racing at NJMP in Millville and need to find some places, within reason, with decent food. Please, no diners, except for breakfast (then I'm all for it)!
A place to stay will be easy compared to what I have found so far for dining... In fact, we will base our sleeping accommodations on what we glean here.

We will need breakfast and dinner on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (five weeks from now).
I don't think we want to drive to the coast (except perhaps on the way in or out), but we would be willing to go anywhere along the Delaware Bay area. We love seafood! We love raw oysters. We love good food, period! No restrictions on type or ethnicity. If there are any caveats it would be that we would like wine or beer with our meal and be able to sit down and eat. I don't mind great hole-in the-walls!

Please help! The Millville area seems like a black hole from what I gather on the internet.
FYI, Newport House, near Newport and the Charlesworth Hotel-Restaurant in Fortescue are of interest to us. We need more options.

Newport House Restaurant
98 Husted Ln, Newport, NJ 08345

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  1. Sorry to say there isn't much there, but I can suggest two places that a friend told me are good. One is Bull on the Barn for very inexpensive seafood, casual setting and the other is Winfields for more upscale dining. Winfields is in downtown Millville and Bull on the Barn is in Newport. Again, I have not personally visited either place, but a business associate told me about both of these places. There is also an Irish pub in downtown Millville.
    A few years back, a friend and I went on a Bald Eagle tour along the Maurice River near Millville. The person driving the boat suggested a place for lunch that we went to . I think it was in Port Norris. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY the best oysters I have ever had in my life. My friend says the sane thing. Unfortunately, neither one of us can remember the name of the place, but it was kind of a dive in the middle of nowhere. Right near the fishing boats. If you're down there, you can probably ask around about it. There are so few places there that I'm sure the locals will know the name of the place.

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      Sounds very interesting! My partner loves oysters; any time, anywhere! I will check out these leads! Thanks.

    2. The cafeteria at Fairton Federal Correctional Institution, a few miles southwest of Millville offers some good deals (Be sure to stop in at the gift shop!), but be aware that fellow diners may ask to share your leftovers...

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        Uh, I guess, thanks for that...I guess they wouldn't be serving wine or beer with our meal?

      2. Ardelle, I have friends that live right down there and will ask them to think of some recs for you.

        1. Jim's Lunch has great cheese steaks

          Jim's Lunch
          105 E Main St, Millville, NJ 08332

          1. I had to go to Millville for 2 separate weeks a few years ago, and I had stayed in the Country Inn Suites, right next to the Wheaton glassworks (they call it "Arts and Cultural Center"now.) The Country Inn was clean, and had a nice enough continental breakfast which included scrambled eggs weekdays plus waffles that you make yourself. The hotel was connected by a glass walkway to the PaperWaiter restaurant and lounge. The restaurant was pretty good, although I remember a little expensive. And it was convenient to have a few drinks and not have to drive. Then, one exit away on the highway was Vineland, which had tons of restaurants up and down major highways. I'd recommend this area if you don't already have a hotel.