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May 22, 2011 04:16 PM

Salsa Fresca, Bedford Hills and the Little Kebab Station in Mt.Kisco

Hit both for lunch over the weekend and both are welcome additions to the area.Salsa Fresca was clean, helpful behind the counter and accomodating to any menu changes. It reminds me much of Chipotle, healthy fast food. All in all good Mexican.

THe lIttle Kebab station was delicious. Hot, flavorful and great price points. We had the Veg samosas, Chicken malai , aloo gagai and tandoori chicken. All came with rice and fresh naan. The owner was sofriendly and I only wish they were in a bgger space that made it more comfortable to eat in with four people..

Both were really good solid food at great price points. I hope they are both successful!

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  1. I tried LKS too for their lunch special, which is a great value. $6 for a lunch-size portion of saag paneer plus rice and a mini salad, and a basket of piping hot naan... great deal. My saag paneer was decent (can't complain for $6-- the paneer wasn't terrific but it was ok) but my sister's tikka masala was fantastic. I'd go back to try more off the regular menu. Cute place!

    Where's Salsa Fresca?

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      across from where Panera opened about 6 months ago. Next to Radio Shack and the Bagel place. Salsa Fresca is good, but a Chipotle rip off (I'd rather the real thing)

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        I totally disagree. Though a fast casual Mexican-flaire similar to Chipotle, I think Salsa Fresca does a good job changing it up. For one, there are a lot more healthy options at SF, such as whole wheat tortillas, soy cheese, soy sour cream, and much more. There are also things such as nachos and taco salads that Chipotle does not have. The different types of salsa also change it up. I have been to Salsa Fresca several times since it's opening and haven't been disappointed yet, love it there. Highly recommended.

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      1. I was really excited about the addition of Salsa Fresca to the Mt Kisco area. My husband and myself have tried them about 3x and have always come away with a so so opinion. One issue is the person who answers the phone for take-out orders also takes orders inside the restaurant so one time we were put on hold, actually more than once, and heard the cashier taking we don't have many orders before ours, we finally hung up. I wrote Salsa Fresca an email about this and never heard back...I would think they wouldn't want to lose customers, i.e. people waiting to place an order and hanging up. I've had burittos there and found them pretty good only to have them again a different time and been throughly disappointed, they, unfortunately, do not seem consistent. They aren't bad, but not necessarily great either.