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May 22, 2011 03:55 PM

Packing Kitchenwares for Summer Beach House Rental

We're renting a beach house this summer. The place comes with basic kitchenware - plates, cutlery, a few pots and pans. I'm willing to "make do" for some things, but I will want to pack some stuff from my house that I am particular about.

I will definitely pack my good knives, cutting boards, a nonstick skillet, and coffeemaker and coffee grinder. What else should I plan to pack? I want everything to fit in one standard plastic tote - about the size of a recycling bin - so there's some control and for space in the car. Thanks!

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  1. We take freezer bags wherever we go. Lots of uses.

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      Freezer bags indeed!!! Take to beach for snacks, leftovers, put cellphone in for beach, sunscreen, !
      Also- corkscrew, decent kitchen towels, paper plates

    2. A favorite spatula, tongs, colander, foil...

      1. My list would have been much longer until we rented a house on Lopez Island last summer that had almost everything (even a good knife!). What they were missing was a juicer. We use a lot of lemons and limes (salad dressings, marinades, etc) and they had nothing with which to extract the juice. I ended up using a table knife handle, which was okay, but it lemons are important to you, bring a reamer or juice squeezer.

        1. May I ask if this is an isolated location? or can you buy readily-available items? How long will you be there? How many people? Do you like to cook while you're at the beach? or are you more of a Crock Pot person?

          Each year we rent a beach house, in an isolated location, for one month and I pack a LOT of things. I'll be happy to give you my list but it would be silly if my needs do not mesh with yours. Personally, I would never want to be without my Le Creuset 5 qt Dutch oven and copper rondeau. More importantly, what do you consider important in your kitchen? Bring that.

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            Hi Sherri, I would LOVE to see your list!! Please post :)

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              Sorry for the delay. One thing that I have found to be very helpful is to lay out all my small wares before packing and photographing them with my smartphone. Of course they become intermingled with the rental utensils during our stay and it is very easy for me to identify mine. It also helps to assure that I don't forget something.
              I should also tell you that I enjoy cooking at the beach. It is a grand part of my vacation to putter in the kitchen with all the doors standing wide open. My idea of hell would be to have to get dressed in real clothes and drive a very long way to eat. We'll often pack a sort-of picnic, take it down on the sand and watch the sunset while nibbling and sipping wine.

              We stay for one month, so this is not a quickie rental. Also, we drive which facilitates taking more than I would if I was shipping a box.

              My favorite three knives
              Large cutting board
              Copper rondeau
              LC Dutch oven
              Cast iron skillet
              Corningware casserole w/ lid
              Wooden utensils
              New can opener
              Oyster knives
              Chef's thermometer
              Kitchen tongs
              New potholders + new kitchen towels
              Nest of bowls
              Male & Female spoons
              1/2 sheet pans
              Peppermill + peppercorns
              Stick blender

              Since I mentioned this rental is a fair distance from 'civilization', I include some foodstuffs that I might not be able to find locally: dried porcini mushrooms, wheat berries, Parmesan cheese, frozen lamb shanks (dry ice), arborio rice, several cases of wines, my favorite herbs & spices, coffee beans, olive oil,

              This is off the top of my head. If I recall other essentials, I'll add to the list.

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                Male and Female spoons was a new one for me, so I had to look it up :). What would we do without google...

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                  THANK YOU, Sherri for your amazing & inspiring list ! Very impressed! :) (DGresh- I also had to google that as well) :)

            2. it'd be a looong summer if i didn't have at least one microplane with me. and pack the immersion/stick blender if you plan to puree anything. (i'd also bring my regular blender for smoothies/protein shakes, but that's because i'm nuts.)

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                The beach house we rented had a blender, and a food processor, as well as a microplane. They also had tons of fairly fresh spices and a bottle of respectable EVOO. It was truly astonishing.