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May 22, 2011 03:47 PM

Harris Teeter in Baltimore??

Several months ago I saw a Harris Teeter banner on the developing "McHenry Rows" complex in Locust Point. Can it be?? Anyone know when this is scheduled to open?

So excited to have a local source for my Palmetto Cheese and Sister Shubert rolls. Not to mention all of the great "H.T. Traders" products.

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  1. Hey charmgirl--do you have the date of opening as Yet? I was under the impression that the Harris Teeter was supposed to open this Spring. Like you, can't wait. FoiGras

    1. It looks like it was announced in winter 2008, then delayed because of financing problems, which seems like a bad sign. I see there's a lot of construction going on, though, so maybe there's hope.

      1. According to the developer, it will be open by October, 2011.
        By-the-by, if you are looking for Sister Schubert, you can find those in the freezer section of The Shopper on Fort. Though I share your anticipation and excitement for the HT to open.

        1. That banner is far from new. It was announced back in 2008 and the first sign said it was going to open in Spring 2009.....5 updates later, it's now October 2011. Don't hold your breath for it and be pleasantly surprised when it opens.