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May 22, 2011 02:55 PM

Fiddler's Bistro--always crowded but no one goes there.....

We walked by Fiddler's Bistro last night, and it was full. With all the great restaurants in the neighborhood and all of the less expensive food available at Farmers' Market....what are we missing? Is it ambiance, food, or just that it is attached to a motel?

Fiddler's Bistro
6009 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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  1. Do a search here for a thread from the last month or so and you'll see why it's well-liked...

    1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Fiddler's is one of the great value "coffee shops" ( or family restaurant or diner) in the central city. Top omelets, great sandwiches, inexpensive wine and the lamb burger with feta cheese is one of the best burgers in the city bar none. You can add super friendly service by an efficient staff and a very convivial atmosphere for dining alone or with friends. There's your recipe for attracting crowds. (Their location right across the street from Park LaBrea doesn't hurt either.)

      1. ok--we should probably give it a try on one of those aimless evenings when the fridge is empty--anything else recommended besides the lamb burger?

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          The Chicken Couscous soup is fantastic - one of the best.

        2. I know I'm coming in very late to this thread, like way late, but also wanted to give kudos to Fiddler's Bistro.

          I should point out that most of the food at Farmer's Market is not less expensive, and certainly not nearly as good, as what they serve at Fiddler's Bistro. My wife and I have been going there for years (an easy walk from home) and we have never had anything but a wonderful meal, bar none. And we've had most everything on the menu. They do chops, fish and salads to die for. Their breakfasts are outstanding, large and very reasonable on the wallet. The service is excellent and efficient. It's a real gem.

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            1. re: mucho gordo

              Gee, I'm not familiar with Dublin's, but I do believe Fiddler's Bistro has been in it's same spot for close to 20 years. It's on the north side of 3rd Street, just about a 1/4 mile from La Brea.

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                When I lived on Martel Avenue across the street from Fiddler's in 1985 is was already there. So, that's 27 years at least.

                1. re: EarlyBird

                  No, Dublin's was on the south side of 3rd across from where the Gilmore Drive-in was.