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Hotel in Scotland with the best food?

Im planning a honeymoon next year in Scotland and beginning to do some research...

Two hotels that have caught my eye (and appetite) are the Torridon and Inverlochy Castle. Does the food live up to the hype in these two places?

Are there other good hotels in beautiful areas of Scotland with reliably wonderful food?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Inverlochy castle is very good food wise and has an idyllic location that isn't too far from the beaten track. I've never been to the Torridon although it caught my eye and if you can find this year's "Great British Menu" on Youtube/BBC Iplayer etc, then you can see their head chef producing some interesting (in my opinion) dishes (he's in the North West England Region rather than Scotland since that's where he is from originally). One issue with Torridon is that it is a long trip away unless you fly into Inverness.

    The one place that you haven't mentioned is Gleneagles. The only restaurant with a 2 Michelin starred chef in Scotland and certainly as a hotel on a par with Inverlochy Castle.

    I'm a big fan of Monachyle Mhor which is not as far north but has a very secluded spot with great food.

    1. Here is a link to a NY Times article (July 2008) on dining in the Scottish Highlands:


      1. I'd highly recommend Scarista House, on the west coast of the isle of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides. An old manse, right beside one of the most amazing beaches in the UK, where the food is spectacular. Ingredients are all local, and the fish and shellfish is particularly good. Wonderful breakfasts too. And Harris is absolutely gorgeous. We visited as part of a foodie trip, visiting the Three Chimneys in Skye, and then sailing from Uig on the isle of Skye over to Tarbert, from where Scarista House is an easy drive.

        1. Thanks everyone! I will look into all the suggestions.

          1. We very recently (a week ago) stayed at the Bunchrew House Hotel and were very pleased. We had dinner there two nights (out of three) and breakfast each morning, and we definitely enjoyed the food. I should note that it's a bit expensive, but we got a great off-season package deal that made it less painful on the wallet.


            P.S. I should add that the one disappointing thing is their lack of local beers- that was a bit odd. However, a small pub 5 minutes away had exactly what we wanted beer-wise, so no big deal.

            1. Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles has two Michelin stars. The food is amazing and the menu reflects the local delicacies (venison, salmon, etc) rather than trying to be a French restaurant in Scotland.

              1. If you are looking for unique locations you would be hard pushed to find a better place that Taychreggan Hotel on the shores of Loch Awe, Argyll. The food is wonderful although not pretentious and the staff make you very welcome. Ideal in autumn when the colours are particularly vibrant this is a once visited never forgotten place - I got married here too and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. http://www.taychregganhotel.co.uk

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                  Not to put a spanner in the works, but I'd suggest doing Edinburgh and separating the hotel and restaurant experience. In doing this you could take in either of James Thomson's excellent hotels, Prestonfield or Witchery by the Castle; both are incredibly romantic (check their respective websites). You'd then be free to eat at any of the city's restaurants of which Martin Wishart, Tom Kitchin and 21212 are Michelin-starred and widely regarded as the best on offer. Plus, if Gleneagles did then take your fancy you'd only be an hour away by train or car.

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                    Actually, due to a cut in vacation days (with only 4 nights and 3.5 days), we decided to just take in Edinburgh. I am researching all the restaurants there and I'm sure we'll have a great time and eat lots of amazing meals.

                    We plan on returning again when we have more time to explore other areas and try all the delicious food. :)

                    Anyone know how the breakfasts are at the Witchery?

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                      Breakfasts at the Witchery?! I have no idea. They only have a handful of rooms and I don't know of anyone who's stayed there. I can't imagine that they'd serve them in the restaurant or what they'd serve

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                        That has got to be a contender for Reply of the Year.

                2. Can't comment on the hotel side of things (and Chowhound doesnt like it if you do) the Cameron House at Loch Lomond has a stunning view and an equally stunning food experience at it's featured restaurant "Martin Wishart at Loch Lomond" - if this place doesnt get a Michelin star in the next year or so, I promise to do penance by stopping eating black pudding.

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                    And it does, indeed, gain a star this year. Absolutely well deserved.

                  2. Many smaller places can vary from season to season and I now hesitate to recommend them to visiting friends. Larger and established places tend to be more consistent.
                    I've eaten many times at Kinloch Lodge on the Isle of Skye and would recommend it unreservedly.
                    The chef has won a single Michelin star and uses a lot of splendid local produce.

                    1. I stayed at Inverlochy Castle five years ago and the food was excellent! Everything about the place was great. The restaurant is over seen by Albert Roux and his son Michel. The chef at the time was Matthew Grey he has since moved on. But I am sure the quality is still good.

                      On the same trip we stayed at Gleneagles. Also a great hotel and as others have mentioned Andrew Fairlie is a terrific place to eat as well.

                      You will eat well in Scotland.

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                        I believe it! Can't wait for the trip....

                      2. Would also suggest Ardanaseig Hotel on Loch Awe. It's a drive to get there but a lovely relaxing place and a great chef. Gary Goldie is very creative and have had many wonderful meals. Have stayed several times over the last 6-7 years and never been disappointed.

                        1. Witchery all the way , its in the top 7 wonders of the hotel world......The rooms are to die for, none like them anywhere in the world , every one uniquely designed. The food is wonderful Scottish traditional fayre and the restaurant is dark and very gothic , no lighting , only candlelight.Heres a couple of pics of it.

                          1. We got married at Ardanaiseig, and picked it not only for the beautiful location but for Gary Goldie's cooking. We are foodies and Gary let us create a 7 course wedding 'feast' which was excellent and certainly a highlight of the day (apart from the ceremony of course). Glenapp is lovely and very Scottish, the food is very good and I believe it's got it's star back. Knockinam Lodge, down that way is also very good and has some historical importance. I also think Monachyle Mhor is very good, lovely rooms and very good but I wouldn't do the drive at night (single track, loch on one side ditch on other) . We like staying at the Witchery for birthday's etc but we don't eat there as so many very good places in Edinburgh. we usually go to Martin Wishart or Kitchin, are trying Castle Terrace at end of month.

                            1. Sorry, also meant to say that my sister-in-law got married at Torridon and the food again was very good and rooms quite contemporary, we stopped in on Inverlochy on the way back down for the very good value lunch deal. We were the only people there, lovely environment, very refined food using best of local produce.
                              If funds and time allow I would do a tour of West Coast stopping at all the places I mentioned as they are all beautiful, with stunning scenery and very good food that makes use of local produce. You are lucky, have a great trip!!

                              1. Breakfasts at the Witchery- we usually go with the standard continental. The coffee is good, the juice fresh but pastries and fruit a bit disappointing. French yoghurt. It could probably better considering the price of the room.

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                                  Very jealous of getting married at the Ardanaiseig curiouseater. I had to make do with taking the stag doo to Oban and eating amazing fresh seafood. I'd totally agree with taking a tour up the west coast, just avoid midgie season!

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                                    Yes, we were lucky to get married there, I agree. It really was the perfect place, and they (Anita and Gary) made it special. I can't imagine many places would try so hard to accommodate our requests, we splashed out and got winter truffle and Gray came round the table and shaved it directly on top of our risotto!

                                2. you miss out the torridon at your peril,AMAZING.though the witchery is fab too.happy honeymoon

                                  1. Lucky you. You're going to love Scotland. Great people.

                                    We were there in May. In Edinburgh we stayed at the Balmoral which has a Michelin star but did not dine there: http://www.thebalmoralhotel.com/dinin...

                                    Other places we visited in Edinburgh not to be missed:

                                    Martin Wishhart, reservations very hard to come by but we managed to get one for lunch and it excellent: http://www.martin-wishart.co.uk

                                    Crabshakk, excellent seafood and service, crowded, great ambiance, reservations a must: http://www.crabshakk.com

                                    We went to The Kitchin' but we didn't enjoy it and if you're looking for something romantic this isn't it. The food was just OK. The night we dined here it was packed with tourists: http://www.thekitchin.com

                                    I highly recommend a day visit to beautiful St. Andrews and lunch at The Seafood Restaurant, overlooking the ocean not to be missed. Another place where the seafood is very fresh and delicious: http://www.theseafoodrestaurant.com

                                    Should you be in Glasgow a visit to Two Fat Ladies @ the Buttery is worth it. Great bar and drinks, very good food and service: http://www.twofatladiesrestaurant.com

                                    Enjoy !!!