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May 22, 2011 12:33 PM

Marshall's Ice Cream Bar [LI, Massapequa]

Whoopie Bar - Take a chunk of ice cream an inch thick, put a thin layer of peanut butter or marshmallow on the top and bottom, put it between chocolate cake that we all know and love, and dip it in chocolate to give it a thin chocolate layer that can only contain its deliciousness for so long.

It was cloudy, temperature was in the low 50's, I was wearing what amounts to nothing (bicycled there and was wearing mesh polyester) and I was a very happy person while I was consuming the treat (And it got real cold once I was done).

That's not to say that Marshall's is a great place. It's small, has no seats (not even stools) and only had about 8 different (all familiar) flavors at the front. The cone I had before trying out the bar was good, but nothing you can't find elsewhere. To top it all off, the area in general doesn't offer much (more on this later). But, man oh man, that bar was good!

The bar only comes in two flavors - Vanilla and chocolate (I asked for chocolate, but they were out). Outside of the flavors, the only other option is choosing between the peanut butter or marshmallow layers; in hindsight, I should have gone with the marshmallow. The total (bar and cone) came to $5.50 - I would pay $5.00 for the whoopie bar alone. If you're nearby and consider yourself a lover of the whoopie pie, ice cream, or desserts, give it a try. Be sure to eat it before leaving, because odds are you'll want to pick up more for the freezer.

On the area, to its immediate east is "All American Hamburger" and to its north is "Taco Joe's." Like I did with Marshall's, I tried a couple of items at each place. The hamburger place I would describe as cheaper and inferior to McDonald's. The taco place I would describe as pricier and superior to Taco Bell.

There's nothing wrong with a cheap burger. You can still cook it well by giving it a nice sear for that crispy/char layer and toast for bun for goodness. That didn't happen here. The offerings, on paper, are the same as McDonald's (cept the knish, which was overcooked and somehow uneven), but little things make McDonald's food better. For instance, their basic burger is the same, but the pickles that McDonald's puts on give it an edge. The place is popular, but I can only guess that's due to the low prices and allure (Look, a classic, popular place - The food must be good!). No seating inside, some tables outside, but plenty of parking. If you must eat something while picking up some bars, look north.

In terms of quality, if Taco Bell was a 1.0, I'd say Taco Joe's is a 1.2. Yeah, not much better. But, this is made up with sheer quantity. I had 2 offerings each at 3 places for a total of about (thanks to the frozen treats) 1800 calories. So, I rarely note quantity. But, damn. The amount of content Taco Joe's puts into its burritos is... Wow. It's a struggle to roll/close up the things! Available meats are ground beef, pulled pork and chicken. I thought the beef was waterier than less flavorful (weaker seasoning) than Taco Bell's. The pork was respectable.

Anyway, best to ignore both. After all, you've got to save room for the whoopie bar!

Taco Joes
4267 Merrick Rd Unit 1, Massapequa, NY 11758

Marshall's Ice Cream Bar
4276 Merrick Rd, Massapequa, NY 11758

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  1. Doesn't Marshall's just resell mass-vendor products? It's basically like buying something from the supermarket.

    I was rather amused by this, though: "In terms of quality, if Taco Bell was a 1.0, I'd say Taco Joe's is a 1.2. .... But, this is made up with sheer quantity."

    That's just like the old joke, "the food was terrible, but at least they gave us a lot."

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    1. re: Scott_R

      Naa Marshall's doesn't resell anything. They make everything there right in front of you. It's definitely not supermarket ice cream. I'm addicted to the banana ice cream.. soft served OR scooped.

      but yeah.. taco joes is a waste of time.

    2. I guess you didn't try the french fries at All American. If you had looked in the food prep area you would have noticed that they take actual whole potatoes, peel them and use an ancient cutter to slice them into fries.They then double fry and produce,when hot and fresh,as good a fry as you will find anywhere. I happen to think the double double burger is excellent and tastes nothing like a Mc Crap. They are also a one of a kind family owned local restasurant that you can feel good about supporting as opposed to, McCrap. I will say that your opinion of the burger is shared by others who have posted over the years, though not by all.

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      1. re: stuartlafonda

        i love all american.. i won't touch mcdonalds

        1. re: stuartlafonda

          I went for the knish instead of the fries, simply because it was the more interesting option.

          On fries, given everything that can be done to it:
          1. Selecting great potatoes
          2. Uniform cuts
          3. Coat, season
          4. Water bath
          5. Coat, season
          6. Fry, season
          7. Freeze
          8. Fry, season

          And those are just the steps I know about. Who knows what the pros are coming up with these days. Point is, there are a lot more ways to make them better than what goes on at All-American.

          1. re: ediblover

            I have no idea what you are talking about. If you didn't try the fries how can you suggest how they could be better? My comments were not an attack on you, just a simple statement that you missed the thing they do best. They do a great job and next time you are in the area give them a try. For what its worth, the only thing I like on my fries are salt. Anyone who eats at McCrap should be ashamed of themselves. Tasteless food, bad for your health,contributing to the destruction of the environment and the economy, enjoy your Big Crap sandwich