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May 22, 2011 12:19 PM

Help! My Mayonaisse didn't set up!

My homemade mayo did not set up properly. Is there anything I can do to fix this. I've already used what I think is the maximum olive oil. My eggs were room temperature. Anyone have any thoughts.


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    1. re: Quine

      Thanks Quine. But the mayo didn't split. It just isn't thick like it should be. If no one else has any ideas, I guess using another egg yolk wouldn't hurt.

      1. re: veggie_lover

        Ah understood, yep, I'd try the extra yolk myself.

        1. re: veggie_lover

          you probably added the oil too quickly, or at least that has been my experience in it not setting up.

      2. Veggie lover -- the oil has to be added very , very slowly. The first 30 sec is critical . Its not the temp of your eggs. And based on my experience, adding more egg yolks wont thicken it up ... (Been down that road ! ) I would use those eggs for a new batch.

        1. Did you use mustard? My mayo came out perfect using a squirt of mustard. I then tried without mustard. I tried four times using cold eggs, warm eggs, slowly drizzled oil, more yolks, you name it. Never set up.

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          1. re: jvanderh

            Thanks everyone. I used dijon. And yes, I would have been better off using egg yolks to start over. Anyone, it set up somewhat in the fridge and my guests really liked it so it was a success (sort of)!

            1. re: veggie_lover

              In case you've got an immersion blender, this worked beautifully for me:


              No egg separating, temperature requirements, dancing under the full moon, or other voodoo.

          2. Heating the bowl helps. Take a microwave-proof bowl, warm it up in the microwave oven. Also start by beating the egg yolks only until they are very pale and frothy, only then start adding olive oil. drop by drop at first, when it starts to thicken, drizzle slowly. Oh, add the mustard right before you start adding olive oil. you can also add little bit of garlic powder for a richer flavor. Best of luck.

            1. Was making tarragon mayo for a lobster salad and it broke. Came here looking for a solution, but thought the info above either not helpful or not giving the results I was looking for (the mayo in that Chow video linked to above is much runnier than the consistency I was hoping for). So here's what worked for me:

              I put two egg yolks in a jar wide enough to contain my immersion blender. I put the jar in a bowl of hot tap water just long enough to warm the yolks a little. I blended the yolks and added about half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Then, blending continuously, I started adding the broken emulsion drop by drop until I saw that it was holding and thickening. I continued to add the broken emulsion very, very slowly. The new mayo held and was the perfect consistency.

              So, no need to throw out the broken or too thin emulsion, but you do need to take more care making the new batch than is indicated in the video

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                1. re: JoanN

                  I appreciate so much your posting this! I was 3 egg yolks and one and a half cups of very expensive oils (TRUE olive, organic avocado and coconut in equal parts) and had not followed the immersion blender recipe exactly and my mayo did not set up properly. I was so depressed at the thought of tossing it all and you save the day and my "resistant starch" potato salad! Thank you so much Joan!!! =)