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May 22, 2011 11:30 AM

Fairway Market "clone" in BOS??

Is there any store similar in style and variety to the Fairway Markets in NYC that can be found in Boston proper?? If so, please list addresses and locations?? Many thanks!!

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  1. For the selection and freshness of the produce, cheeses, deli meats and other items, Russo's in Watertown is probably the closest thing, though I'd say it's more like Berkeley Bowl (minus the hippie aspect) than it is like Fairway. Their dairy selection is OK but not super extensive and fresh meat is perfunctory. Packaged goods are expensive and not really the thing to get there. If you want something mediterranean or middle eastern, between Russo's and the stores in Watertown center (Arax, Sevan, Massis) you can get probably everything you want. Throw in Bazaar in Allston to supplement your need for dairy products and cured meats.

      1. The closest thing is the Fairway Market, in Stamford, CT. Around these parts, you'll need to visit Russo's, Formaggio's Kitchen, and one of the big Whole Foods (like Dedham) to get anything close to the breadth of a single Fairway Market.

        1. Drat!

          I thought you were going to tell us that a Fairway clone was coming here!

          IMO Russos falls short on everything but produce.

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            My thoughts exactly. I really miss going to the Fairway in NYC.

            1. re: C. Hamster

              Although I love Russo's I agree it falls short on everything, including produce esp. because they barely carry anything organic.

            2. Russo's is pretty close to the old Fairway on Broadway before they expanded to the other building next door. You have:

              Great produce selection (I'd put them above Fairway in breadth of selection)
              Cheese (not as good, but also not bad)
              Dairy case
              Fresh pasta
              Deli meats
              Prepared foods
              Imported/domestic high-end goods like preserves, crackers, olive oils, chocolates, etc.
              Slow people pushing carts and blocking aisles

              It's missing uncooked meat/fish except for some packaged goods near the dairy case, (I don't recall seeing smoked fish either), Fairway’s coffee selection, the olive bar, and all the groceries they put on the other side.

              560 Pleasant St, Watertown, MA 02472