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May 22, 2011 09:43 AM

Petai beans

Does anyone know a soruce for Malaysian petai beans in Nova Scotia? Sataw is the Thai name. They are usually sold frozen. Surely there must be Malaysians or Thais here that cook with them. Wonderful taste that some may have a time getting used to. None of the usual Asian grocers know them and show me frozen soybeans.

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  1. There is a woman who sells at the friday international market at the seaport and at the dartmouth market. she is malay but sells chinese foods. she might know.

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    1. re: simonathibault

      Thanks for the tip Simon. I went to the Big Ray Asian Store in Dartmouth today. The kind owner found the beans in her suppliers' catalogue and is bringing them in next month. In the Philipines - where's she's from - they are called sator beans and they come in frozen in 100g packets. This will be enough for 1 meal for 3. Also found ikan bilis there too.

        1. re: simonathibault

          Simon - try this for the store's location.

          It's in a strip mall on the left side. Turn in the driveway and go to the left.

          Check out the freezers.

        2. re: chilibeanpaste

          Is this store new? What is the selection like? The customer service is obviously fantastic.

          1. re: CanadaGirl

            Not sure, it was there last autumn. In the google map link it was obviously a similar store.

            1. re: chilibeanpaste

              The service at Big Ray IS superb. Apparently the sator (petai) beans arrived today. There should be plenty for everyone as they are in 1Kg bags. At long last I can now make Nasi lemak and will do so on the long weekend. They're even open on Friday, the holiday, at 10am.