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May 22, 2011 09:00 AM

Good food (especially seafood) near Charlestown, Rhode Island?

I'll be spending a week at the beach in Charlestown, Rhode Island, with my family this summer...
Looking for the best places to eat nearby -- hopefully within a 30-45 minute driving radius. My parents are especially interested in seafood and love lobster.
Also, can anyone recommend a place nearby to pick up fresh lobster? (I know some places will steam them for you, so that would be great too.) Really any recommendations for the area would be appreciated as I've never spent time in Rhode Island. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Matunuck Oyster is about your best bet there are tomns of greasy fried foods if your up for it.

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      I agree... Matunuck Oyster Bar... they sell the shellfish that they grow in the salt ponds right in front of you... can't get any fresher than that!!

    2. Go to Champlain's in Point Judith for lobster. Great site, good food. You can buy lobsters there or have them cooked. It is right on the docks. You realize when you say 30-45 minutes from Charlestown however, you could range from Mystic CT to almost Providence. Across the street from the Matunuck Oyster Bar is Cap'n Jacks which isn't as good but still is fun. Go into Wakefield and go to the Mews for great beer selection. To splurge, head down to the Olympia Tea Room in Watch Hill, sit outside and people watch.

      Olympia Tea Room
      74 Bay St, Westerly, RI 02891

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        Thanks for these tips! I will definitely check out Matunuck Oyster Bar and Champlin's (is that this place: in Naragansett?) I'm not familiar with the area at all yet... just looking for the best seafood hopefully not toooooo long of a drive from Charlestown! Is the local way of eating seafood mostly fried?

        1. re: hungry_united

          that is the place. No - you can get fried seafood, but you can get grilled, baked, steamed - there are tons of choices. Also - if you are staying in Charlestown, I highly highly recommend hitting up The Bakery for baked goods. Their croissants are amazing. Actually - everything there is amazing. In fact, I can't wait to visit my folks so that I can head over there. I did forget to mention - The Hitching Post on Rte 1. They are open only in the summer - I believe this is their opening weekend. Fantastic seafood take out. The do have indoor seating and outdoor seating, but we always bring it home...that's a treat. Great chowders, their fish is great.

          Hitching Post
          5400 Post Road, Charlestown, RI 02813

          1. re: hungry_united

            not to go on and on - but Aunt Carrie's in Point Judith is really quite good too - nice view - but always tough to get into - it is always mobbed. Make sure wherever you go that you get chowder - either clear or milk, and get some clamcakes.

            Aunt Carrie's Restaurant
            1240 Ocean Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882

            1. re: hungry_united

              On the "fried" question -- I think Frank sometimes writes too quickly and his meaning may not have come across. I think he was saying there are plenty of places where you can get greasy fried seafood, and there probably are. But his Matunuck Oyster Bar recommendation is spot-on, and it is most definitely not one of those places. If it's sunny and you sit outdoors, particularly as the sun is going down, it's a marvelous place. It's pretty small and can get busy, so be prepared to wait a while, especially in the summer.

              If you're staying in Charlestown, meaning a rental house, bring a big pot, buy your lobsters live and steam them yourself. You'll save a little money and the freshness just can't be beat. Any of the markets in Galilee/Jerusalem/Snug Harbor will set you up.

          2. I like buying of the boats. Turn right when you get to the end of the Escape Road coming into Galilee. They will be to your left before you get to the Great Island bridge.