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May 22, 2011 08:46 AM

crumb on parchment?

anybody been? thoughts?

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  1. Popped in for a quick bite a couple weeks ago, had a very nice jalapeƱo cheddar scone, lots of other nice-looking baked goods there too.

    1. The warm tuna/kimchi slaw sandwich is ridiculously good. Enjoyed a cold pear/fennel soup while another was meh (so meh I don't even remember what it was). The scones are incredible and vary widely. If you go for breakfast make it a point to get one. If you go for lunch, buy one to take home for breakfast the next day. Also had pear and fig coffee cake, brownies and a few other desserts and haven't been disappointed.

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        Agree. The seared ahi tuna w/ kimchi aioli sandwich is very good

      2. I had a delicious pulled-rotisserie chicken sandwich for lunch a couple of weeks ago. They also have a nice selection of baked goods (some of which are prepared by Michelle Bernstein's mother). The brownies were exceptional as was my sampling of the pear and fig coffee cake.

        1. Had a nice chicken salad there but the baked goods are delicious. If you go, make sure you try the coconut cake.

          1. Has a piece of choc chip banana bread a couple of weeks ago that was very good.

            Enjoyable first lunch today. Tortilla soup was a nice start and the homemade roast-beef w/creamy horseradish and sweet onions on pretzel bread was great. The turkey sandwich w/ avocado and cheddar received rave reviews from across the table as did the goat cheese and arugula quiche. ( I got a bite and she was right).

            Wine is available including $6.00 BTG options. There are about 5 salads or so on the menu plus 7 sandwiches (hot/cold), soup(s) of the day and several great looking and tempting pastries. They also have a breakfast menu.

            Prices are very reasonable and I would highly recommend stopping by. It's another winner from Chef Bernstein and crew.

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              Tried it twice in the last few weeks. The first time, my dining companion, a veggie, and I shared the tofu and tuna salads. The tuna was deliciously prepared with fresh herbs but the salad leaves were slicked with oil and the leaves were a gloppy, limp mess. Same with the tofu salad. The tofu and mushrooms were artfully perched on leaves overcoated with oily dressing.

              Since we were "good" (oily dressing notwithstanding) for lunch, we split a coconut cake. I have to say, this was the best part of the meal. Moist and wonderful. Like eating a hug.

              I returned for coffee and desserts with a friend this week and was sad to see no coconut cake. We split a chocolate chip cookie (I was told it was baked with whole wheat flour) and a walnut brownie. The cookie was beautifully studded with chips but was not terribly good. I've baked with whole wheat flour in the past and tend to like what it adds to the final product. Though it pains me to say this, I've had better brownies from the box.

              Based on our small sampling, I think cakes may be the way to go here.