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May 22, 2011 08:29 AM

Cooking with Love...what if you're in a bad mood?

I've always heard that old adage 'cooking with love'..
If your in a bad mood, does that transfer over to the food..
Questions that keep me up at night wondering..
What do you all think?

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  1. Other than being in average or above surf, cooking is the one thing that generally preoccupies my mind enough to eviscerate a bad mood. I will admit, however, that the spice/heat level will usually be higher if I start out feeling down.

    1. If I'm in a bad mood, I generally don't make dinner, I make a phone call to order Chinese or Thai. Hot and sour soup, Spring rolls and egg rolls lift my spirits a great deal.

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        same here, although I insist that hubby make the call if it is a really bad mood....

      2. For me the translation is direct and noticeable, with one exception: there have been times on the line when I was just so pissed off that it was crazy, and it actually spurred the energy I needed to just push through Service. For the greatest part, though, I don't take my daytime mood into my nighttime job. Or vice-versa. This wasn't a house with room for any kind of interpretable recipes, though; so it may have been that the lack of love wasn't noticed in those confines. At least, nothing came back. So that part at least, was good.

        1. I enjoy the act of cooking (and eating!). (I haven't (seriously) worked in a professional kitchen or anything else heavily food related; guessing my views would change if I did) So, if I'm in a bad mood, cooking (and again, EATING!) just puts me in a better mood.

          Also, in case this comes up, using food as a tool for revenge (having argument with person A, so you make something person A dislikes) is wrong! So, so wrong!

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            Wow, that's passive-aggression as artform. If I was that ticked at somebody, I'm pretty sure a home-cooked meal wouldn't be high on my "to do" list.....yep, you're right, that would be so so wrong. It was never the customers I was angry at; it was whatever else was going on BOH - 'cause we were hidden from view, no open kitchen

          2. If you haven't read "Like Water for Chocolate" you need to run and pick up a copy. It addresses the queston gloriously!

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              I thought of this book myself when I read the original post! Since then, I try to "de-pissify" myself if I'm cooking for company while ticked off.

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                I thought of that movie too EWSflash. I try to keep some healthy frozen dinners in my chest freezer for just such emergencies. At least twice I have had to explain to people why even a simple grilled cheese sandwich for me to cook for them is a bad idea if my nerves are shot or I'm upset.
                Once I got roped into watching two special needs boys for a day and the mother sent a cheese sandwich with butter for me to fry up for one of them. Those kids were a handful, she later explained that that was all the one boy would eat. I was really distracted and so lucky I didn't burn the sandwich. /shudder.
                Sometimes I do better when I have an hour or so to prepare some nice comfort food, and the act of cooking calms and centers me. I think when I start to smell the food cooking I feel better. But give me a fifteen minute time limit when I'm a wreck and it's a recipe for disaster.
                Not sure if the bad feelings actually "enter" the food but once the dentist kept me waiting over three hours for a scary painful procedure. I finished knitting a beautiful scarf while I waited but I'm afraid to wear it or gift it. If any object was filled with bad feelings that scarf is. Thinking of burying it. :)