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May 22, 2011 07:50 AM

All inclusive for foodies?

Hi! We're looking for any recs for an all inclusive hotel/resort in the Caribbean for our honeymoon.
We can't say that all inclusive is "our thing", but friends have been telling us that after planning a wedding, the last thing you want to do is plan on your vacation.

We're huge foodies from NYC and have pretty high standards- not saying that things need to be pricey, just well executed, authentic food, & and not touristy.


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  1. You know my thoughts - hehe.
    Plus "the Caribbean" is quite vague...

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      I have been to a few...What about Curtain Bluff Antigua??

    2. If you already are saying all-inclusives aren't your thing, do yourself a favor and don't do it. But then again, I enjoy planning a vacation so researching restaurants is my idea of fun.

      All-inclusives aren't our thing either and I would describe myself as a foodie.

      We have been to two different al-inclusives (for multi-generational family trips) so I am by no means an expert but for the most part, the food was on par with a typical American chain restaurant. Both were rated 5 stars, one in DR and one in Mexico.

      My thoughts/observations:

      The "best" of the buffet food was regional. We enjoyed trying the local offerings. Sadly, 95% of the buffet offerings are cheap, filling food that appeals to your average person.

      The sit-down a la carte restaurants offered plated versions of what was offered on the buffet. Reservations were next to impossible to secure as both of the resorts we visited did not have all the sit-down restaurants open at any given time. Maybe 3 of the 7 would be open on Monday, that sort of thing.

      Halfway during our last trip, we were upgraded to the elite/premier section of the resort and the food there was quite good. The menu was limited but we all could find something we wanted to eat every meal. We would ask the waiter what looked good each day and we trusted their recommendations and were not disappointed. This method yeilded us food that was more authentic than other diners were likely experiencing and that was ok with us.

      A friend, who knows me recommended this resort should we consider another AI -

      We did a 10 day trip to Anguilla in February and ate very, very well! The island has cultivated a home-grown base of chefs that have their own restaurants. I would go back to Anguilla just for the food! Cuisinart resort gets good reviews. (we rented a house


      We have also stayed at two Rosewood resorts. While they are not all-inclusives, you can add full meal plans to your room. Haven't visited Jumby Bay, an all-inclusive Rosewood resort, yet but it is on my wish list

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      1. Thanks so much for the suggestions so far! I love the way Curtain Bluff looks in Antigua! Royal Hideaway looks fantastic as well.
        Any idea how the weather in Antigua would be in November?

        Looking forward to getting more recs! It's so fun to search and compare- especially via Chowhounder. You guys are trustworthy.

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          November is the end of the hurricane season in the Caribbean. It's warm year-round, the only question is whether you're gonna be rained on. If you're going towards the end of November, you should be okay.

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            I lived in Antigua..Nov. is great. I go to Anguilla now 2-3 times a year to inspect properties (am a Caribbean travel specialist) and LOVE it. The dining options are simply staggering... I just posted a long awaited review of Barrel Stay, one of our fav high end eats on Anguilla


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              Yeah, that was kinda our concern. It would be Nov 7-???? Could be risking a few rainy days there... Know of any other vacationing spots for early Nov?

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                Don't know why planning the honeymoon at an all inclusive resort is easier than going to an island and letting each day develop on its own. I don't know what you're budget is and I've never been to one of those all inclusive resorts that you see advertised, but the closest thing I have experience with is Caneel Bay on St John's. Pick a room, add the meal plan for breakfast and dinner which gives you the option of several different dining rooms and then having lunches around the island. Great beaches, water sports, dining and service.