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May 22, 2011 07:13 AM

In search of Hudson Valley-area vineyards for rainy Memorial weekend

We're busy making backup plans for Memorial weekend, given that it's looking like our planned camping trip is going to be a washout. We're thinking of finding a vineyard to visit - we want to tour and taste and end up eating cheese and drinking wine in a nice cafe area. We've been to Cascade in Amenia, and Hopkins in New Preston, CT; the latter is a huge favorite of ours (the hayloft wine bar is heavenly) and would love somewhere with a similarly laid-back vibe.

And while we're at it - any other suggestions for rainy weekends in HV? We love in Port Chester.

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  1. I have not personally been to this winery but I have heard good things. I was told the six course northern Italian style meal was GREAT. I didn't hear many comments on the wine though.

    1. The Shawangunk Wine Trail is a lot of fun.

      Warwick Valley has a cozy tasting room and their own cafe. Brotherhood is a beautiful old building with several tasting areas. And Stoutridge is doing some really interesting things with wine. All of them have lovely grounds... not that it will matter if it's raining!

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        I forgot about Brotherhood! Beautiful building.

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          Agreed on the Shawangunk Wine Trail. I really enjoyed Whitecliff's wines. Stoutridge is a good place to go because the owner and winemaker talks to you in depth about each of the wines and his winery with alot of passion. Benmarl Winery in Marlboro (very close to Stoutridge) also has good wines and nice views. However maybe you are still going camping since it won't be a washout this weekend, so either way have fun!

        2. One of our favorite wineries is Palaia Vineyards. Here's the link:
          It is on the Shawangunk Wine Trail, in Highland Mills, which is really close to Monroe.

          It's a small winery, and they have music on weekends and on some evenings. They have a stage in the backyard, in which people sit under the tree. Kids are allowed outside under the tree. But they don't want kids inside the wine tasting rooms. They do have a large room in case it rains. Definitely a "fun" place with terrific wine. Not as well-known as Brotherhood, so we find it quieter and more charming. Definitely you should go check them out.

          1. I had to edit this post because I recommended the Rivendell Winery, which I had been to years ago, but found out it closed its doors due to lawsuits.

            Baldwin is nothing special in terms of the property and building, but they make a very interesting strawberry wine.

            Although it's not technically Hudson Valley since it's right over the border of NY and NJ on the Jersey side, Cava Winery is very nice. They serve homemade pizza and cheese boards you can have for lunch while you taste.

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              FYI, Rivendell did not close their doors due to lawsuits. Bob Ransom and Susan Wine had leased the Rivendell land. They gave up the lease when they bought a house on Rte.299, just outside of New Paltz and supposedly assumed that they would be able to operate a wine shop there, under the guise of planting a few grapes and calling it a winery. The town government, representing most of the community, thought otherwise and had to defend themselves from several costly lawsuits by Ransom/Wine, who were repeatedly told it was not an allowed use for their land. The Robibero family operates at their former site. I visited there last fall. I enjoyed the visit and some of their wines, but they, like Ransom/Wine also do not many of the wines that they serve and sell there.

            2. Great weather this Mem Day Weekend-- No rain!!! Did you change your plans, Ms Sean?

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                You're so right, menton1, it was just blissful, wasn't it?? Thanks SO much, everyone, for great ideas for another rainy day. Saturday was spent running, hiking and drinking beer around Hyde Park. Sunday, thanks to previous Chowhound recommendations, was spent in part at the farmer's market in Rhinebeck where we tried Clinton Vineyards' Seyval Blanc - beautifully refreshing in 88 degree heat. We'd thought of visiting a vineyard yet on Monday, but of course being Memorial Day, none was open. Planning a trip to Brotherhood (et al) very soon.

                Meanwhile - a tip for Rhinebeck farmer's market - if you don't get there during the first hour of opening, you'll miss out on all the fresh game sausages, waaaaaah :-(