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Florentine Cookies

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Do you know where to get freshly made Florentine cookies? Thank you!

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  1. I can't answer definitively but I would say Termini Bros and Isgro are both likely to carry them. I think I remember seeing them at Termini, in fact.

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    1. re: lowereastrittenhouse

      That's what I thought, though they are not on their website. Would definitely call first. They may be seasonal as they are traditionally served around Christmas...

      1. re: cwdonald

        Yes! Our wonderful neighbor always gave them to us around Christmas.

    2. Daisy,

      actually I do know of a restaurant who makes them. The lady at Sketch in Fishtown does the traditional french Florentines with sea salt. Try calling to order them. They are super delicious,

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      1. re: tilemaker

        Thank you....I always assumed they were Italian cookies!

        1. re: DaisyM

          Here's their number 215 6343466, maybe you can special order them. The Italian cookie is more like a lacy wafer sandwiched with chocolate. The florentines I had in France were also much thicker with candied cherry and chocolate on the back. The Florentine at Sketch is very delicate and refined, just nuts, caramel and sea salt.

          1. re: tilemaker

            Thanks so much!