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May 22, 2011 05:24 AM

Best way to clean glass oven door?

Roasted a chicken last night (delicious!) so this morning the glass door of my oven was speckled with spattered grease. I've never really been satisfied at the results of my morning-after clean-ups. I used Fantastic & then Windex + paper towels and the results are sort of OK but nothing more.

Any tips on best cleaning method? Any particular products?

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  1. The products you are using a virtually worthless. Wet SOS or Brillo pad will have it clean in a minute. Or a green scrubby with Dawn.

    1. After I run my oven cleaner, I have to clean the glass on the oven door. I use a scouring pad and that gets almost everything. But sometimes I see stuff inside the door. You can look in the glass window and see staining inside. Short of taking the door apart, I don't know how you would clean something like that.

      1. I use the Easy-off that's safe for self-cleaning ovens. I spray it on the oven door glass, leave the door open so it won't run down, and let it sit overnight. The next day I take a plastic spatula and scrape the glass, and wipe with warm water until all the cleaner is gone. It might take a couple of treatments, but it will work and your glass will be completely clean. I stay away from any scouring pads of any type, they have left scuff marks on the glass in my oven.