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May 22, 2011 12:54 AM

Chiu Chow restaurants on HK Island or TST [Hong Kong]

So first off, yes, I know that Chiu Chow food is from the Chaoshan region (sp?) within Guangdong province. So maybe that makes Chiu Chow food technically a sub-cuisine of Cantonese?

Technicalities aside, I have really loved the food I've tried at places called "Chiu Chow restaurants": oyster omelets, braised goose and jellyfish, crispy noodles with vinegar and sugar...

What are the best places on HK Island and TST for Chiu Chow of this ilk?

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  1. For me, it's Pak Loh at Causeway Bay. There was another discussion thread on this a while ago:

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      Pak Loh is a more comfortable place in a much more convenient location. But foodwise, the best is Sheung Hing especially if you are after more esoteric and high end chiu chow dishes. But just beware that it has terrible ambiance, service is not well rated too unless you are a regular there.

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        We tried the Pak Loh at Elements a while back and it was good, but not particularly memorable.

        Our introduction to Chiu Chow was at Sheung Hing so I suppose I now expect it all to be that good ;-)

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          Try Pak Loh in Lee Theatre Plaza, Causeway Bay. You'll like it :-)

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              We did try Pak Loh in CWB.

              Really nice people. Good service, I thought.

              The oyster omelet had good flavor (though -- or perhaps because -- very greasy), and the jellyfish was yummy too.

              We had a bean stir-fry that seemed properly cooked, but was unremarkable.

              The texture of the goose was off for me. It had an almost pasty or cake-y quality to it. It should have been more tender with some elasticity. I think the goose at Sheung Hing and Lippo Chiu Chow are better.

              1. re: chloehk

                Pak Loh is one of those places where you have to know someone to get really, really good food - and I'm specifically referring to the one in Causeway Bay. Like it or not, that's just the way it works.

                Sheung Hing, as others have recommended, is probably the most well regarded place in Hong Kong for Chiu Chow food.

      2. I've had a few enjoyable meals at ' Lippo Chiuchow' inside the Lippo Centre, Queensway, Admiralty. Food is as good if not better than Pak Lok but ambiance is definitely much better. ( and less noisy ). Sheung Hing is good but VERY EXPENSIVE in my opinion. For a piece of poached giant conch in premium Shang Tong broth at SH is around HK$1000 whilst an equally big and well executed slice at Lippo was only $500!!

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          Charles, Lippo Chiuchow must have been at that location for ages, despite the name changes. I remembered going to a "Chiuchow Garden" in "Bond Centre", old names for that restaurant & also building back in 1992!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Yes, Lippo Chiuchow is great.

            Good staff, comfortable tables, convenient location.

            Some of their dishes are excellent -- the braised goose and jellyfish is delicious -- but once you get off the specialties list, I think the other dishes are not in the same league.

            I wish there were more restaurants like this...

          2. One might not need to pay mega-bucks in 'expensive restaurants' for tasty Chiu Chow food. If you are willing to settle for less extravagant ingredients like Sharksfin or Giant Conch, there are tons of great 'hole-in-the-wall' places all over town ( Hung Hum or Kowloon City ) that serve really yummy and incredibly priced food. One such example is " Sun Chung Kee ' in Hung Hum. Great wok-hay stirred fry and traditional Chiu Chow dishes like herbed soy marinated goose and mixed meat, oyster pancake omelette...etc

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              I went to Shun Kee Chiu Chow in Kowloon City a few months ago. Nice baby fishes in plum sauce.

              Your photos look yummy -- we'll give Sun Chung Kee a try.

            2. Cheung Fatt in Kowloon City works for me. But there was a bad day once, when everything seemed cold and lacked that regular 'Ooomph'. Yes, it was visited by Bourdain but not every joint he visited is bad, really. Case in pt, Sin Kee in Singapore... pricey but good nonetheless.

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                Sorry, I meant Sin Huat in Singapore.