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May 21, 2011 11:38 PM

Portland or Willamette Valley wine country recommendations

For a family get-together of foodies in mid-June, Sunday evening.

Does anyone have any suggestions for NW cuisine and wine?
There will be about 20 of us.

Considering Painted Lady, Bistro Maison (Mcminn), Allium, and staying open to others.

Budget about $40 pp adequate?

I'd love to hear your critiques of the above restaurants and any others you can suggest.


Bistro Maison
729 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128

Painted Lady
201 S College St, Newberg, OR 97132

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  1. There is no way you will stay under $40 per person at any of the above restaurants, especially Painted Lady. You will be looking at more like $75 per person.

    Red Hills or the Dundee Bistro would get you closer, but once you add in all the wine it'll drive the price up again. I say just have a dinner party at home. You can get decent wine without the mark-up or corkage charge.

    As a large group you will also be charged a heavy gratuity since these places are all very small. It is proper etiquette to purchase 1 bottle from the restaurant for every bottle you bring from home which means it will be an expensive evening. You can garner favor with the waiter or sommelier by offering them a taste of whichever wines you purchase or bring in. Service professionals often get to try the expensive wines once a year, or not at all depending on the price and availability, and they will be excited and grateful to try it again. Who knows, they may even waive the corkage fee.

    If you are willing to spend around 75pp then Jory at the Allison Inn would be perfect for such a large group.

    Dundee Bistro
    100A SW 7th St, Dundee, OR 97115

    Painted Lady
    201 S College St, Newberg, OR 97132