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May 21, 2011 09:14 PM

Grand Cayman -- special occasion?

Heading to Grand Cayman and interested in suggestions for a special occasion dinner besides Eric Ripert's Blue. More interested in the food than the setting -- the view is more of a nice to have. Price-wise would like to keep it around $200 if that is reasonable. (Probably won't be ordering bottles of wine as we're not really drinkers.)

Am also curious whether things are walkable in the Seven Mile Beach area in terms of being able to walk to restaurants for dinner. (Safety? Sidewalks?) Do you need to take cabs to get to non-hotel restaurants? Are there places that are a quick walk for inexpensive breakfast/lunch?


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  1. Places that I have gone to which have excellent food and are good for a special occassion are Osetra Bay, Michael's and Luca.Other places to consider are Ristorante Pappagallo, La Dolce Vita and Cooper Fall. Grand Old House has a fanstatic view, but I have not been impressed with the view
    It depends where you are staying. Grand Cayman is very safe compared to the other islands. There are sidewalks in the Seven Mile Beach area. However, you probably will have to take a taxi or rent a car to enjoy all of the restaurants on the island. Inexpensive restaurants to consider are Eats, Tim Buc Tuu, Alfrescos, Sunshine grill. Fast food type, Al la kabab, Chicken-Chicken

    1. If you haven't made your trip, would strongly suggest considering Lucca in addition to Blue. Approx. 100 yds. south of Ritz.
      Have not eaten at Ristorante Pappagallo in several years. Checked out La Dolce Vida a couple of weeks back; food good not great; service mediocre.
      The Brasserie in downtown has been excellent in the past.
      My impression of Grand Old House was that it had been resting on its laurels for a long time!

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        I actually think the food at Luca is pretty ordinary. Morgans Harbour or Calypso Grill are in a lovely setting and nice food. I agree with the Brasserie - silly location for a nice restaurant but great food and service.

        From a hotel on seven mile you can walk to lots of places and it is pretty safe

      2. My husband and I just got back from celebrating my 40th in Grand Cayman. The food at the Brasserie was great, but we felt like the atmosphere was a little snooty. However, we were blown away by our dining experience at Hemingway's. It's right on Seven Mile Beach at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites and both the food and the service were outstanding. Also recommended for lunch is the Sunshine Grill, located in the Sunshine Suites, kind of across the street from the Westin. It's buried in the back of the resort but worth hunting for as it's both delicious and inexpensive. Have a great trip!