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Don's of Livingston in Morristown?

I saw a sign for an upcoming Don's Resturant on South Street in Morriatown. The script for Don's was the same as the old one for Don
's in Livingston.

Anyone know anything about this?

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  1. Not sure if there's a connection. All I have heard is that there is (yet) another steak house opening in Morristown on South St.

    1. It's going to be a scaled down version with burgers, fries, onion rings, shakes, lime rickeys and some other items. Opening in Julyish. Black and white pictures on the walls of the guests.

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        Sounds like a copycat of the original. Don's original recipe onion rings are available at The Black Horse Pub in Mendham, NJ and they are very good.

        Black Horse Pub
        1 W Main St, Mendham, NJ 07945

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          I've never had the onion rings at the Black Horse Pub but they may be the only very good thing there. It is overpriced for the bad-good range of food they serve.

      2. They are opening end of October. Limited but same menu!!
        Can't wait

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            Just heard from a reliable source that they are opening in mid-December.

          2. What is taking so long? They were supposed to open around Halloween. I look forward to trying this place, as I loved the old Don's. I hope we are not in for a big disappointment.

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              I was very young when Don's closed, but still salivate when thinking of the Broadways, does anyone know if there is a connection, I would love to introduce it to my little nephew?

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                Had lunch there today. A private event....but the owner let me in. Official opening is Jan 31st @ 11am

              2. Had lunch there today. A private event....but the owner let me in. Official opening is Jan 31st @ 11am

                1. Friends of mine ate there on Wednesday. Maybe they are having a "soft opening".

                  1. I went to Don's today hoping it was open and it was grand opening day. Lucky me, because the burger was damn good. Not a thin, cooked all the way thru McDonald's patty but thick, juicy, plenty of fat and fully flavored, cooked to your desired temp. Probably a bit too salty but delicious. Hopefully they switch to juicy Jersey tomatoes in the summer over the bland pale ones sliced up today. Shoestring style fries weren't crisp but also weren't soggy...somehow in between. I am definitely going back and plan on working Don's into the rotation

                    1. I returned to Don's and I really like it. The burgers are plump and fatty. The fries are soft and I don't care for them (a common problem at burger places like this that I've been to in NJ!) but the onion rings are maybe the best I've ever had. Perfect balance of thin crispy batter and onion.