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Vineyard & Wine Tasting Day Trips from Paris

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Hi there! Does anyone have a recommendation on a nice day trip from Paris. I'm having trouble findind a nice tour that includes vineyards and tasting that includes transportation from Paris.
Greatly appreciate your help. I'll be traveling in Paris August 13- 15. Thanks!

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  1. http://www.parischampagnetour.com/?gc...

    According to their online availability calendar they are booked for your weekend, but you can e-mail them to be put on a waiting list. Since they accept reservations without payment, I imagine slots will open up.

    This is not a personal rec, just from a Google search.

    Also, e-mail the tourism office in Epernay. They offer tours by horse-drawn carriage, though you'd have to ask.

    Here is another website to look at for day trips from Paris:


    1. Mike McAndrews does wine tours in both Champagne and Burgundy. He lives in Puligny Montrachet and knows all the local wine folks, plus the many of the small Champagne producers. We rode our bikes around Beaune with him as he explained the local history and customs as well as stopping for tastings.

      His web site with contact info is www.frenchwineroutes.com/

      1. We'll be trying Paris Wine Day Tours in a few weeks:


        Got the recommendation from some people on the Trip Advisor boards. I can let you know how the tour is after we get back :)

        1. Viator.com has day trips from Paris. We have not used them for teh Champagne tour but we have used them in several countries.

          1. You can visit Reims by yourself pretty easily -- the TGV goes directly to the city (look for connections to Reims, not Champagne-Ardennes TGV) and then there are a number of houses in the city. (Champagne-Ardennes station is 8km from the city, so not an expensive cab ride if you choose that.) Don't miss the spectacular cathedral where all but two of the kings of France were crowned.

            There's a different train that runs to Epernay, but it's the slow train.


            Both are available in English, and both offices usually have someone who speaks/writes at least passing English - sometimes fluent.

            1. There's a local train that will take you to the town of Chablis, where you can pretty much taste on your own. If you need some assistance, I know a lot of the producers in the town. There's also a lovely hostellerie with a tasty dining room, the Hostellerie des Clos, where you can enjoy a lovely lunch paired with the area's wines.

              You can also taste in Reims yourself, and it's a short TGV ride from Paris. You just need to acquaint yourself with the houses that are located in Reims and pick out the ones that interest you most. I think it helps to make appointments.

              These folks may be of some assistance in your arrangements in Reims: http://www.champagne.us/