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May 21, 2011 05:37 PM

Don't Mention Other Sites??

Is it against the law on this site to post appropriate other sites to help with an OP's question. If so, I didn't realize that Chowhound was in competition with other sites. Guess we are to be helpful only if we don't mention other avenues that might be of interest...strange.

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  1. On the NYC boards, among others, users often post links to other sites that have info germane to a thread. They're helpful and they're allowed by the site, as far as I can tell.

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    1. re: squid kun

      Strange, mine was just dumped...

    2. I've certainly mentioned eGullet threads before, and have not been deleted.

      1. check your e-mail - if you didn't receive a message from the moderators explaining why they removed your post, then it was most likely a technical or browser error. just re-post it.

        1. We're a discussion site, and our goal is to foster discussion and tips about great chow. If you've got a specific place to recommend, you're welcome to add your thoughts and a supplemental link to another website that has information on the chow tips you are sharing. However, we discourage responses that don't offer advice or simply recommend that posters check another website.

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          1. re: The Chowhound Team

            >>> However, we discourage responses that don't offer advice or simply recommend that posters check another website.<<<
            Well, gee, busted!! The OP asked for advice about a couple of Carmel restaurants that are not really well-known or touted. I, foolish as I am, assumed he/she would not get many responses via CH. so had the nerve to send him to a couple of sites I knew had current info.

            1. re: Gail

              I've also had the CH Mods explain to me that it is not appropriate to cut and paste from other sites what others may have said due to copyright issues. However, if what you want to share is something that you wrote on another site, then they frown upon you giving the link to your comments on that site and prefer that you cut and paste your comments from the other site. Confused?

              1. re: Roger K


                ummm, thanks for straightening me out er, I guess.

                In my case I cut & pasted a page from another site where the two restaurants in question had some recent comments from just ordinary folks like us. The other site, was just mentioned by name for the OP to Google. It also had current info.

                1. re: Gail

                  I was in a hurry and cut & pasted info from an e-mail I received from a restaurant about an event. It was deleted. Mods said the cut & paste made them think I was affiliated with the event...

                  This has cut down on the info I try to share, sometimes I just don't have the time to flip between two screens to manually type out who, what, where for something timely.

                  1. re: Gail

                    Other people wrote restaurant reviews and you cut and pasted what they wrote into CH?

                    That’s clear-cut copyright infringement, not just a question of CH policy regarding mention of other Web sites. There are a number of people on CH who have complained bitterly that comments of theirs posted on CH ended up verbatim on other Web sites and even in print.

                    In this instance I’m guessing that if you had paraphrased what the other reviewers had to say, given credit, and provided a link to that discussion you would not have been deleted. Yes, it would have taken more time, but it would have been fairer to the original posters and would not have been an infringement of their copyright.

                    1. re: JoanN

                      I cut and pasted a page off of Trip Advisors site that showed fully where it came from and who had posted. Of course, the names are contrived by the individual poster.
                      >>>That’s clear-cut copyright infringement<<<<
                      I think not...

                      1. re: Gail

                        Gail, here's a cut and paste from the email I received from the CH Mods:

                        If you think there's someone else's review on Yelp that people should read, you can link to it, because copying it here would be a copyright violation. But if you're linking to your own review, we'd ask that you not use an outbound link, but rather copy the information here so that people can read and respond to it within the thread.

                        1. re: Roger K

                          This has truely been belabored. As far as the Yelp suggestion, I posted to the OP that he/she might want to check Yelp regarding said restaurants. It was an extremely generic comment because I knew there were some recent reviews.
                          In the words, of Charlie Brown, "Good grief"!

                        2. re: Gail

                          You might want to take a look at the faq on the Web site: particularly the sections “Who is an author?” and “What is copyright infringement?”

                        3. re: JoanN

                          JoanN, I agree, but I've tried that exact approach in the past and have had my comments deleted and been accused of "essentially promoting the restaurant" instead of simply sharing my experience.

                2. I've cut and pasted a few lines from another site, put it into quotation marks, typed out in full the author's name and website, and provided a link back directly to the page the quote came from. Then had it promptly deleted and a hand-smacker arrive in my in-box. Other times doing the same thing it's been perfectly fine and the post is still up. I think it depends on the moderator, what kind of service he/she had at lunch, and the particular alignment of the planets on any given day.

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                  1. re: morwen

                    Or, it most likely has everything to do with the fact that the Moderators don't see every post. So, unless someone reports a problematic post it may remain up as it simply "flies under the radar."

                    1. re: morwen

                      There's a judgement call involved in terms of how much copying is too much copying. The law doesn't have a hard and fast rule as to how much is too much, so unfortunately, it's not possible for us to provide a hard guidelines of you may quote X sentences or Y words, and it's fine. Unfortunately, there's just always going to be grey area on this front.

                      1. re: morwen

                        It all comes down to interpretation of the law...

                        I've quoted stuff on other websites with a link -- and on some other forums that's seen as being appropriate attribution. (for the record, my professors thought that was plenty for my thesis....)

                        CH's legal folks don't see it that way-- and that's okay -- if I have the time I'll paraphrase, etc., -- if I don't, the info just won't go up.