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May 21, 2011 05:24 PM

Two Guys from Italy Pizza, Warwick RI

29 years I have lived in Warwick. There is Rocky Point Pizza, Brothers Oven, Conimicut Pizza, Picasso's, Georges (very good greek pizza) etc etc etc and I have tried them all. I have driven by 2 Guys thousands of times, I have had my haircut next door, I have eaten chinese food at Jade Dragon, same plaza, countless times. Tonight for reasons I cannot explain my SO and I decided to try 2 Guys for the first time.

We decided on delivery......looked online, no menu or website. We stuck to our plan and drove up, plaza was dead. Walked in and the place is dated and empty. Drinks came in plastic cups, they were out of the first appetizer we ordered, and then the garlic bread we ordered came in one of those cheap little green baskets. Despite the bad start and with some hesitation we decided to try the lasagna and a lg pizza all roni 1/2 sausage. Food came and the pizza was mis-shaped, the cheese wasnt all the way to the crust, some of the crust was a bit burnt from sauce being splashed on it......and let me tell you, it was one of the best pizzas I have had in awhile, and hands down the best thin crust style pizza in Warwick. The pepperoni's were curled up and charred on the edges, the sauce was slightly sweet and very tasty, the crust was thin yet crisp and not the slightest bit soggy. It reminded me of Pepe's in New Haven just without that coal-fired element/taste. The rest of the food was good, but the real winner here is the pizza.

As we were leaving we asked for a take-out/delivery menu, and in keeping with the rest of the evening they had run out. Nevertheless, we will be back to this diamond in the rough!

Jade Dragon Restaurant
1982 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI 02889

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  1. My fiancee is from East Greenwich and there is a place there on Main Street called Frank and John from Italy which is absolutely amazing. They've been there for years (her dad went in high school so at least 35-40 years), and inside next to the oven there is a sign that says, "just John."

    Apparently, he and his brother were feuding, and Frank started Two Guys, hence why it would be good. This may or may not be true, however.

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      As far as I know, this is completely true. It was a special treat for us to detour the "long way" home from the beach on a Saturday night, Dad would stop at Frank & John's from Italy in East Greenwich and we'd all have pizza. (This is easily 40 years ago).

      After the feud, Frank opened in the strip mall in Warwick. I played my first game of video pong in that store. I remember those plastic baskets for the garlic bread (something I equate with the Crow's Nest Restaurant too).

      My dad remained faithful to Frank's pizza until my dad passed away 7 years ago. He swore Frank's was the closest to the New York thin crust pies he had grown up on.

      I believe my dad even made a point of making sure his granddaughter's first pizza was from Two Guys.

      Thanks for the memories, glad the pizza still rules!

      1. re: mikeinboston

        I guess we're going to try Two Guys then! Thanks for the corroboration!

        1. re: brokentelephone

          I'm originally a New Yorker (an upstate one, but a New Yorker none-the-less) and I stand by Two Guys as the best New York style pizza in Rhode least that I've found so far, and believe me I've been looking. It is consistently good, and very reasonably priced.

          It never seems to be very busy in there though. We've always wondered why it isn't mobbed all the time!

          Thanks for the tip about [now] Just John Pizza in EG. I've always wondered about that place, but never been in. Usually because I'm too full of gingerbread pancakes from Jiggers....

          1. re: ezra9876

            Two Guys From Italy and Frank and John's were both started by Guiseppe Illiano. He sold Frank and John's to his brother Cipriano Illiano who he brought here from Naples, Italy. Cipriano sold Frank and John's two his 3 son's Frank, Giovanni, and Salvatore Illiano. Frank, Giovanni and Salvatore are the one's who are feuding. Giovanni threw his brothers out. Frank works at Gianfranco's in Johnston and Salvatore took over the Two Guys from Italy on Warwick Ave. in 2004 because of Guiseppe's illness. Guiseppe has recently passed and deserves the recognition of being the one who originally started both of these restaurants. Frank, Giovanni, and Salvatore are all great cooks. It's really to bad that they can't resolve their differences.

            709 Broad Street Ext, Waterford, CT 06385

            Two Guys From Italy
            1980 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI 02889