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May 21, 2011 04:51 PM

Sushi or Indian in North Dallas or Richardson tonight

Where can the Mr. and I go for a casual dinner tonight? We're craving sushi or Indian food. Want to try someplace new and easy. We've been to Sushi Robata, Ku, Fuji, Sushi Sake, Aijsen, Genroku, India Palace. Thanks!

India Palace Restaurant & Bar
12817 Preston Rd Ste 105, Dallas, TX 75230

Sushi Robata
4727 Frankford Rd, Dallas, TX 75287

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  1. You could of course do something a bit different. One off the wall suggestion is the food court at Asia World on Legacy & 75 in Plano. Lots of choice but you need cash.

    For Sushi you might try Masami if you have not done so. 75 & Beltline.

    Another choice would be Blue Ginger Garden Malaysian. Lots of Indian influenced dishes. You better like spice though.

    1. I definitely second Blue Ginger Garden for sensational Indonesian food.
      However for sushi, I recommend Sushi-Sake

      For Indian, my favorite is Chettinaad Palace.

      Chettinaad Palace
      2205 N Central Expy Ste 180, Plano, TX 75075

      1. Thank you so much for the great recommendations! We ended up going to Chang Jing (not sushi or Indian...) on Greenville. It was wonderful! We had Yachae Pajum (pancake w/veg). It was heavenly. We also had the Dduk Gook (rice cake soup) and Jjam Bbong (spicy noodles soup with seafood and veg). The rice cake soup was divine and has to top matzo ball soup for a comfort dish. After we ordered (they serve beer), we were treated to 8 small dishes. Kimchi, fish cake, marinated vegetables. The wait staff were all very helpful and attentive. Definitely going back!

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          Well if you like Korean you might also want to try Northern China. Try the Lamb stick appetizer along with some of the more traditional Northern Chinese. Many of their dishes have a different taste profile than the Chinese food you are used to.

          It's also directly next door to Blue Ginger Garden. Somehow this shopping center in Plano has become a mecca for not so standard asian food.

          Northern China
          3100 Independence Pkwy
          Ste 322
          Plano, TX 75075

          1. re: irodguy

            Thank you. Sounds like we have a couple of new places to try!

            1. re: mommystar

              I've been on a Chang Jing binge for a month or two now..... Try the BBQ special .. B1. It comes with double the panchan, a side of chap chae, bulgogi, soontofu, a grilled mackerel, gejang (spicy raw marinated crab).... the food covers the table and it can feed an army.

              They also have good ddook boki (spicy rice cake) and a unqiue jajang myun... there are some secret panchans available, like soy marinated chili peppers slathered in fermented bean sauce, but they wont automatically give them to you.

              Ooo and for North China.... cold kimchi noodle soup is calling out to me for the summer.