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Shad & Shad Roe

All -
We usually make a trip to Hale's shad in Rocky Hill Ct. about this time of year to pick up 6 or 8 pair of shad roe and maybe a fillet or two, but with gas at around 4 clams a gallon, were wondering if there are any fish mongers in the western Boston 'burbs or elsewhere who carry shad & roe at reasonable prices.

Anyone seen any Connecticut, or other roe and fillets around?
Willing to travel, but not too pumped about paying too much for said delicacy. We usually have a fresh pair (sorry) for dinner in the day or two after our trip, and freeze the rest. Frozen, they seem to last for several months, and are still excellent.

Last time I was at Hale's, I think a pair was going for around $8, and Bill always seems to have some nice fish that he catches netting the Ct. river.



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  1. perhaps you alrdy know these vendors, but i'm thinking they may be the most likely (though i do not know if they do or ever do have shad roe). Hopefully other CHs will chirp in.:

    - courthouse seafood

    -new deal fish market

    -capt. marden's (wellesley)

    - alive and kicking lobsters

    Another thought is that maybe Hungry Mother, a Southern food restnt in Kendall Sq., puts it on their menu(shad roe is a big deal in VA at least) . You could call and ask them who is their shad roe vendor, or you could ask if you could buy some through them (once a yr. shouldn't be a big deal; maybe they'd be happy to help; you never know.)

    Last thought,
    i don't know if japanese have shad in japan, but if so, there is a new much lauded japanese fish market in allston. best of luck.

    New Deal Fish Market
    622 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

    Courthouse Fish Market
    484 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

    Captain Marden
    279 Linden St, Wellesley, MA 02482

    Alive And Kicking Lobsters
    269 Putnam Avenue, Cambridge, MA

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      Savenor's also usually has them in the spring, but they would be pricey there. I haven't been lately so don't know if they are currently in stock.

    2. I know they've had them at the Quarterdeck in Maynard. You'd want to call though; I haven't noticed them on the Fish Flash email in a few weeks.

      1. Wulf's in Brookline usually has them. Heck, head down to Marshfield and catch your own. ;-)

        1. Yesterday The Fishmonger in Huron Village had beautiful shad roe. I don't recall the price.

          1. had them a few weeks ago at island creek, since i'm not inclined to cook my own. very tasty.

            1. Currently (yesterday) at The Quarterdeck in Maynard, $12.99 a pair.

              1. New Deal has it. Call for availability.

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                1. re: yumyum

                  Yes, New Deal has had it recently.

                  1. re: mvi

                    Thanks All for reviving an older request!
                    Pairs of Shad roe at Quarterdeck or New Deal; seem fresh?
                    Wonder where the roe comes from this time of year...


                    1. re: deweyweber54

                      New Deal had shad roe last Saturday. My working assumption is that everything at New Deal is fresh. I also saw it at Whole Foods in Newton last weekend.

                      1. re: deweyweber54

                        New Deal had it today. They are one of the best fish stores in the area. If they have it, it is as fresh as can be.

                  2. Saw shad roe in the Fresh Pond WF this morning..