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May 21, 2011 03:20 PM

Sheet cakes for 60 people on my way from Hopewell Junction to Mt. Tremper (going through Kingston)

I need to pick up two sheet cakes on my way up to Kenneth L. Wilson state park this coming weekend for a b-day celebration. It needs to serve 60 people, so I'm thinking tasty but reasonably priced. I'm open to getting the cakes from Stop and Shop, Adams, or A&P, but I just wanted to hear Chowhounders' opinions. I have to stop by Fleischer's in Kingston so I was thinking about going to Deisings, but I read a negative review of their cakes on Yahoo!. Any input would be great!

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  1. i might be too late - I assume you meant this past weekend - but Costco always has great sheet cakes!

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    1. re: smilingal

      No, it's not too late. I meant Memorial Day weekend...should have been more specific. Is there a Costco along that route? I stopped by BJ's today and their cakes looked pretty good too. Thanks for the tip!

      1. re: applesauce23

        Applesauce--There's no Costco anywhere in the Hudson Valley. FYI, there is a Sam's in the Town of Ulster (right next to Kingston; just over the Rhinecliff/Kingston bridge.) Also, the local Shoprite had the cake you are looking for. And, several blocks from Fleischer's is a Hanaaford store; they might sell it.

        FYI, skip Deisings and Adams-the former is over rated and the latter's bakery isn't up to their produce.

        1. re: jayjay

          I thought that was the case, re: Costco. I used to have membership at the Brookfield location, but canceled it after a few years. Thanks for the recs, jayjay. I'll check them out.

    2. My DH ended up going to BJ's in Wappingers the night before, so he picked up two large sheet cakes (each probably serving 40 people) for $17 each. They were very good for a great price. Thanks for all the suggestions.