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May 21, 2011 12:48 PM

Off I-95, GA,SC,NC,VA Seafood and BBQ

Making our annual trek North in a few days and want to get an update on best places to stop for local,fresh seafood and great BBQ. Thinking of Skipper's Fish Camp and/or BJ's Steak & Seafood in Darien,Ga., For BBQ,t Roger's in Florence. Going first part of the week which eliminates some good ones only open Thurs. on.Also heard of Brown's BBQ in Kingstree,SC or Summerton Diner in Summerton,SC for meat + 3. Need more suggestions for NC and VA. Most appreciative for your feedback.

Summerton Diner
32 S Church St, Summerton, SC 29148

Skipper's Fish Camp
86 Screven St, Darien, GA 31305

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've never been to Summerton but I've heard good things and it's not far off 95. Kingstree is way off 95 but Brown's is great. You may want to try Schoolhouse in Scranton. It's comparable to Brown's and not AS far off 95. They will be open. Too bad you have to miss McCabe's. Duke's in Ridgeville, SC is pretty good.

      1. Thank you for this info. I just checked and Schoolhouse BBQ is open only Thurs thru Sun. !!!! I am striking out visiting the good ones !

        1. Durn. I could have sworn they were open Tuesday when I drove by! Sorry.

          There is a cool place to stop that's not a restaurant. It's Young's Pecans in Florence. It's just off 95. Excellent road snacks.