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May 21, 2011 12:33 PM

wine consortium type shops in west Kelowna? and artisan cheese/food shops/farmers markets?

I will be going wine tasting with a group of friends in July and we will be doing a private tour in west Kelowna of 6 wineries (the tour company decides which ones so out of my control but they are Quails Gate, Mission Hill, Little Straw, Mt. Boucherie and 2 others that I can't remember). There are a lot of wineries (specifically Naramata) that I would like to go to but won't be able to as we just won't have enough time.

When I have been to other wine areas like Napa, Sonoma, various hill towns in Italy, there were shops/consortiums that did wine tastings where you could purchase the wine if you liked it. A lot of the wineries in the town were represented in these shops so that you could do a lot of tasting/purchasing under one roof.

Is there something like this in Kelowna? We are staying at the Cove so something 10-15 min away would be ideal but I would still like to know if there is a place like this and it is further.

Also was looking for a good place to pick up really great ingredients for the dinner we will making in our hotel that night...cheese, produce, bread etc.


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  1. In terms of being able to do some tasting and purchasing, your most convenient options might be the winery gift shops themselves - have only been to Mission Hill and Quails Gate on your list so far, but they are very accommodating. You will even find some cheese and other food items that can help for you dinner plans, and check out the Alllison House market at Quails Gate, in addition to their regular gift shop. If you are visiting on a Wednesday or a Saturday, it is a short trip over the bridge to the Kelowna Farmers & Crafts market http://www.kelownafarmersandcraftersm... , which can be one-stop shipping for any kind of feast. If you decide after a long day of tasting that you would rather have someone do the cooking for you, Bonfire at the Cove is a nice option, with some interesting southwestern takes on the local products (an outdoor table on a summer evening can be a pleasant way to end an Okanagan day).

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      Discover Wines is you best bet for variety instead of shlepping from one winery to the other up/down hills/valleys.

    2. Thank you both for your suggestions. I will try to check out the farmers market. I had no idea it was BC's largest. I will definitely be going to pick up some wines from the area at Discovery Wines that are harder to find around here. Thanks!

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        To help your scheduling, it is worth noting that the Farmer's Market and Discover Wines are only a couple of blocks apart. it can not get much more convenient than that.