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Feb 15, 2006 01:40 PM

Ruth Chris vs Flemings (Irvine/Orange County)

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Which is better - Ruth Chris or Flemings? Also is there a difference between the Ruth Chris in Bev Hills vs the one in Irvine? Thanks

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  1. Flemings. PRIME BONE-IN RIBEYE 22 oz. OMG!!!!

    1. I prefer Ruth's Chris. I think the steaks are much more flavorful.

      Fleming's is more of an Orange County "scene," if you are into that. But the last time I ate there (granted, last summer), I thought the food had gone a bit downhill and that it was overpriced for what it was. I wasn't surprised when I heard that the Fleming's chain was purchased by Outback Steakhouse.

      1. I have ate at both and Ruth's Chris I find to be superior. Prefer it over Mortons as well.

        1. The Ruth's Chris in Irvine is the best and the Beverly Hills location the worst.

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            I prefer Beverly Hills over Woodland Hills.