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May 21, 2011 11:43 AM

Archer's on the Pier

Has anyone gone yet, it just opened in the former Boathouse space by Lynn Archer.

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  1. It would help me and (I think) may others if you could let us know in which city/state I could find this place.

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    1. re: cfrolio

      You are so right..... I don't understand how people can ask for something or report without mentioning the city !!!!!!

      1. re: irwin

        It is located on the harbor in the former Boathouse location -- Rockland Maine

        I intend to visit this week - hopefully it is not the Brass Lantern expanded.

        1. re: brawly

          Actually the name is the Brass Compass vs Lantern -- my bad.

          We are going to check Archers out shortly.

        2. re: irwin

          Far be it from me to make a snide comment, but I'm guessing if you don't know the city/state that it is in (nor the name of the establishment), chances are you haven't been there.

          I drove by on Friday night after using my Groupon at Amalfi, and the place was I suppose that's a good sign at least.

          1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

            Doesn't sound snide at all. You're right that since I don't live in or near Rockland I'm not familiar with Archers On The Pier and can't respond specifically to the OP's question.

            I do, however, visit the area a couple of times a year, and I strongly believe that there's benefit to adding city/state info to any post related to specific restaurants. I would hope that if I search Chowhound for "Rockland" I would see any discussion of Rockland-area restaurants, but that won't happen if the words "Rockland" or "Maine" are omitted from any part of the thread.

            1. re: cfrolio

              You're looking at the bigger picture. Fair enough.

      2. After attending a pre-opening reception at the new Slipway in Thomaston (which looks great by the way!), we went to Archer's for supper. Sad to say, except for the lobster club, which my son-in-law had, it was awful. My husband had something billed as a "seafood pie" and it was supposed to have scallops, shrimp and lobster, but all it had were a couple of Maine shrimp and two scallops, in a wretched cream sauce marred with an excess of dried herbs (sage?), topped with some bread crumbs and shoved in the broiler (a gratin, really, not a pie). We ordered some onion strings which tasted nothing of onions but only of the awful breading. French fries were uniformly overdone, brown. Wine list: meh, pretty much same as when it was the Boathouse. I had a grilled haddock sandwich which was fine. Daughter had fish and chips...ok. Friends at a neighboring table confirmed our opinion. So, go there for the view and a beer, maybe some mussels, haddock sandwich and the lobster club. Same as it was when it was the Boathouse. I had hopes, though.

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          1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

            I'm not sure re. the outside bar, since it was still cool when we were there the other night, despite the sun...

          2. re: Shooley

            The boss ( wife) and I dropped by last Sunday afternoon to see what Archer's had to offer. We just had snack stuff -- clam chowder which was watery and seriously not fit to eat. Haddock cakes which turned out to be lumpy mashed potatoes fried with no trace nor taste of Haddock. We sent that back as well. I had lobster roll , she had crab roll. Lobster was chopped so finely that once mayo was added it was pretty much mush. Her crab roll was similar in texture. I was sad to see a lot of clowning by the bartender which was loud and disturbing. Bottom line for us --- Shooley's experience track right along with ours . I had hoped for better but it simply was Boathouse redux -- too bad its a nice venue. We are looking forward to the Slipway visit soon.

          3. Overpriced. $40.00 for two for lunch and that is with no alcohol just soda. The food is so-so Typical fried fare but nothing special. The view, of course, is spectacular but is not enough to bring us back. Consistency is so important in the food industry. Also went with friends, watery chowder, small fried clams cold greasy fries. Not worth the expense. Too bad.
            Wait staff very attentive.
            Perhaps they are just working out the kinks?

            1. Have been there on 4 different occasions.. and each time it was no better..Typical fried seafood and a few other so-called Italian dishes... French fries very greasy and undercooked, haddock not good at all... signature salad nothing to brag about, coleslaw just ok.. had blueberry pie one evening for dessert..Must say it was probably the worst I have ever had.. Have spoken to many others, does not appear to be a place for good food.. Also way over priced!! There are so many other nice dining venues in Rockland , I would not waste my time or money.. UNLESS you want to pay high prices for average to below average food JUST for a beautiful view...

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              1. re: fishmantwo

                Hmmmm, why would you go back 4 times if ya didn't like the place????

                1. re: shaebones

                  I always give a new venue a try more than once. Sometimes it take a bit of time for a new resturant to iron out the wrinkles..

                  1. re: fishmantwo

                    I would agree with fishmantwo. Re-visiting a new restaurant is often a good idea -- all have start-up problems that require fine tuning. As for Archers, I have been there three times and at this point I see no reason to return other than perhaps a drink on the deck to enjoy the view. Everyone has a different palate and standards of food preparation which influences their return participation. As for me -- its not my idea of "fine dining where the locals go" as advertised.