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May 21, 2011 10:04 AM

Citron Le Creuset 5 ovals and 5.5 rounds for $135.99 and FREE shipping!!!

Just till tomorrow, if there's any left by then. Other sizes too at similar savings. Citron only.

Go through the link at and hit "Like" on top to get it. Link is on their wall.

Post what you got if you get one. Them the rules...LOL!

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  1. No one got this? Some must have taken advantage of this as it's a great price for first quality LC. I was hoping to get a dialogue going on the sale and the Citron color. Oh well. Doesn't exactly make we want to post about other sales I find. It's discouraging to post these sales with no response. I'm sure others who have posted similar finds to share here, and had their post ignored, feel the same way.

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    1. re: blondelle

      Well, I signed up just now to say thank you! I've been reading the cookware board for about a month now, but never registered. I saw your post last night, followed the link through FB and ordered the 5.5 citron. Without your kind post, I never would have known about this fabulous bargain. I've been yearning for my first piece of LC for a few months now, but the price was off putting, and I thought I might wait until the fall to finally obtain a piece, but the deal you posted was too good to pass up. So I ordered, and should have delivery (free, of course!) by June 6. I also didn't have to pay tax. I'm not sure citron would have been my first color choice, but maybe it would have been my second or third, and heck, for that price, who cares really about the color. Thank you, blondelle!

      P.S. Honestly, I too was a bit surprised to see no one else jumped on this.

      1. re: primarycook

        Thank you so much for letting me know. Happy I could help. It's not about thanks, although I really appreciate when someone tells me I've helped. It's about posting to get a dialogue going about it and seeing what pieces someone is getting. Haven't been many LC posts recently and I have to get my fix...LOL! The Citron is awfully pretty. A prettier yellow than the Dijon I think which is harsher and more mustardy. It's so bright and cheery during the winter months and so fresh for spring cooking. I'm sure you will love the color when you see it. I have my 5.5 round in Citron too. Paid a lot more in Williams Sonoma and I picked that color when I had a choice of colors. I didn't even realize about the no tax as when I order from there I do pay tax. That's a nice bonus savings as you even have to pay tax in the outlets, so this is less than buying a second there..

        LC is very addicting. You will be adding other pieces and colors, and you will need a yellow in your collection. I had both the Citron and the Dijon ovens and I returned the Dijon as the citron looked better with my other bright colored LC's, and I didn't like the Dijon with my Kiwi. . I think there's even an old thread here comparing the two yellows. Enjoy your new oven, and thanks again for letting me know!

        PS: the recipe shown for roast pork with pears for that oven is on the Williams Sonoma site under recipes. Had rave reviews!

        1. re: blondelle

          I think I will be happy with the Citron, but my first choice would have been something in red or possibly kiwi. I tend to prefer bolder or more dramatic colors to pastels, as evidenced by my Fiestaware At any rate, it's the cooking that is the important thing. :-) I just received notice of shipment, so soon I will see it in person. I'm sure I will be pleased. I've never cooked with cast iron before, so I will have some fun learning to do. I've mostly cooked with stainless, and just recently upgraded to All Clad. Love that stuff. I am calling 2011 the year of my cookware obsession.

          1. re: primarycook

            primarycook: "I think I will be happy with the Citron, but my first choice would have been something in red or possibly kiwi."

            I thought the outlet stores were blowing out the kiwi, too.

      2. re: blondelle

        I appreciate you posting! I'm probably not in the market for another LC piece but I kind of wish I could justify one in Caribbean!
        I think I'll be set for a long time with my 7.25 qt round and 5 qt braiser. I also just got a set of copper cookware (I must be losing my mind) so I'm going going to be doing anything crazy for a while - I appreciate reading about deals and living vicariously through others!

      3. Can anyone confirm for me that smartbargains is a real operation? Or explain what their sales procedure is? They've twice in recent weeks listed a range of pieces in Citron on eBay and while I was deciding whether any of their limited size offerings made any sense for me to buy, they terminated the auctions after just a couple of days even though they apparently still had dozens of pieces still available. (I'm hunting the smaller size dutch ovens and braisers in citron, kiwi or slate, will consider used, if any of you are interested in lightening your load.)

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        1. re: pericolosa

          Yes, they are legit. I ordered the 5.5 Citron in late May, received it in early June. It arrived in perfect condition, and I've used it 3 or 4 times. :-) The only peculiarities I noticed were:
          1. My 5.5 was packed in a 7.25 box, with a little label over the size, changing it to 5.5.
          2. The box had packing material inside to protect the 5.5 in the oversized box. It wasn't much, but it worked.
          3. The Le Creuset sticker itself was missing from the upper portion of the dutch oven, and there was glue residue where it had been. That was a real bear to get off!

          I discovered that the Citron had been exclusive to WS. I think that has something to do with it's discounted rate and the packing. Perhaps some of the pieces had been display items, and they were missing original boxes. I'm not sure, just conjecture on my part.

          Bottom line, if you can find one on their website, go ahead and order. Also, they seem to have a sister site, Rue La La. I think it was about mid-June that Rue La La was also offering the Citron at the same prices. You will get a lot of emails (spam?) from both sites advertising their deals of the day, upcoming deals, etc. Just delete as necessary. I don't regret ordering from them at all, and I love my discount LC!

          1. re: primarycook

            Thanks for the recommendation, primarycook. And enjoy your score!
            I'm going to keep on for a while, hoping some smaller sizes show up again. I'd enjoy the color hit of a larger Citron DO, but I already have a matte black 7.25 QT. Selling it would be difficult at the moment and my kitchen is really too small to keep multiple versions on the shelves for visual impact alone.

          2. re: pericolosa

            Yes, I noticed too that all the Le Creuset from had been pulled. Went back to look and it was all gone. Must have been the same reason they pulled all the auctions from Ebay. Le Creuset has really cracked down on discounting. I thought it was illegal to regulate what a vendor can sell a product for, but many do exactly that, so there must be a way around it. I know many stores that were heavily discounting LC now have it for full price, and Amazon no longer offers the great deals and gifts with purchase they once did on LC. who sold loads of discounted LC is no more, and dropped LC after they heavily discounted it for years.

            BTW, WS has discounted those cute 2.5 qt. doufeu ovens again as part of their summer sale. Last time I looked they were $64.99 I think in a few colors. They also have the Cobalt on sale in their exclusive LC signature line. It's not as pretty as the regular Cobalt though.

            1. re: blondelle

              I think you're on to something there, blondelle! It makes perfect sense. Some manufacturers monitor any discounting of their brands (even on eBay) and the sellers receive stern slaps on the hand. Makes me even happier that I got my discount LC when I did. I made Pasta Bolognese for the maiden voyage, then the chicken with saffron rice on the WS website, and a couple of weekends ago I made coq au vin. All came out wonderfully. The LC browned the chicken to perfection! I'm glad I got a few recipes made (played with my new toy) because it's too hot to be cooking those sort of things now!