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May 21, 2011 09:48 AM

Butte & Helena & Missoula

Can anyone recommend the best breakfast and lunch places in uptown Butte MT (the part where all the historic sites are) on a Monday and the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner places in downtown Helena (near the capitol and visitor center) on a Saturday and Sunday and breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Missoula on a Tuesday or Wednesday? Looking especially for reasonable prices, good food, interesting ethnic, BBQ, local color, bakeries, ice cream, breakfast. Will have access to hotel shuttle in Butte and Helena but cannot go too far. Thanks so very much for your input.

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  1. In Missoula I recommend the Pearl. Creative food with a local focus and incredibly reasonable prices. Nice atmosphere and excellent service as well. Lunch or dinner at Scotty's Table...wonderful salads and entrees. Good soup too. Goldsmith's Ice Cream makes wonderful homemade ice cream and cones. Missoula's Saturday Farmer's Market had a nice selection. Worth dropping by if you have time.

    1. In Helena go downtown to the Parrot for their classic chili. Also have something from their old time soda fountain - a chocolate soda, grape lime freeze was always my favorite, and top it off with their gourmet chocolates. They don't use palm oil or paraffin - just pure delicious chocolate.

      1. In Missoula, the Dinosaur Bar has great cajun food of all things.... Loved the crawfish atofe
        Sort of a rough place, biker bar but the food was good.

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        1. In Helena, I enjoy "La Creperie" in the Walking Mall - some very creative and some wonderfully traditional crepes. Also, Riley's Pub offers some wonderful classic Irish dishes - love the Lamb Stew and the Shepherd's Pie. And Benny's Bistro - also in the same area - features a lot of great local foods, and they are usually open for lunch (limited days for dinner).

          1. I imagine I'm a little late, but for breakfast in uptown Butte try Gamer's Cafe on Park St. It's a Butte icon, housed in a neat old Victorian music hall. You could also try the newly reopened M&M Cafe around the corner on Main St. I haven't visited since the reopening, but it's another historic icon of Butte, and the food used to be pretty decent (if the right cook was working).