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May 21, 2011 08:29 AM

Anyone been for Fri night seafod buffet at Chuckanut Manor?

Hi fellow chowhounders;

My husband and I are taking a much-needed kid-free weekend over father's day weekend (June). We've got a reservation at Willows Inn for Saturday night, but will be staying along Chuckanut Drive or in Bellingham for Friday night. Looking for some great seafood--don't need a fancy place, as dinner Saturday night at Willows will be "high end." Anyone been to the Friday night feed at Chuckanut Manor? Better to scoop up our own at Taylor shellfish? Anywhere else we should head that night?

Thanks for your help!


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  1. Here's a link on Chuckanut Drive from the PNW board. It also hits on some other options in the immediate area.

    I posted about reply, and us ending up at a little B&B. I believe this was Chuckanut Manor. We were there for their Sunday brunch and it was totally decent. Cannot comment on their Friday night feed...but I would return there again based on my previous experience.

    1. Chuckanut Manor is good, but The Oyster Bar is better.