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Heart Attack Grill

Has anyone been to it and what were your thoughts? Not really my cup of tea as I try to eat healthy but there has to be an obvious market for it. Just curious what others thought about the food and the concept itself.

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  1. I find the concept both hilarious and offensive at the same time. Wish they'd post the calorie counts proudly and go the final step. Not really curious enough to actually try it.

    1. In an age where we try to be more conscience of what we put in our mouth it does seem kinda in your face. Personally, I will never be curious enough to try it. They actually boast that their food is horrible for your health. They even market by saying that anyone over 350 pounds eats for free. I was able to find info on wikipedia:

      The Quadruple Bypass Burger with 8,000 Calories (33,000 kJ) has been identified as one of the "world's worst junk foods".[10] It consists of four half-pound beef patties, eight slices of American cheese, a whole tomato and half an onion served in a bun coated with lard.[11][12]
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      1. I love a good burger, but I don't get this whole gluttony trend. Kind of grosses me out.

        1. Looks to me like food for the Hummer/Walmart set. I will not be going ... but I will be looking forward to the first lawsuit.

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            Hey now, I love me some wal-mart. Can't force myself to go fight the crowds in the daytime, but walmart at 3 AM is an adventure!

            1. I love burgers and yep an all to average american fat a.. but won't be going. I just don't see the entire flaunt the fat kinda thing.

              1. It's a marketing gimmick, the food is no more or less healthy than Cheesecake Factory.

                1. Okay, for grins we went last Saturday.

                  The waitresses force you to wear a patient gown before you can enter. (Think I'm kidding? I tried to refuse, asked for the manager, settled on wearing one without tying it. Yes, I'm hardheaded for no reason.)

                  The decor: clean white diner-ish; overly lit; cheap smallish TVs playing 80s videos. No real theme; done on the cheap. The waitresses in tiny "nursing" dresses; one bent over to clean a table across from us and answered my unspoken question as to whether they wore undies. At the grill counter, "doctors" in green scrubs prepped food.

                  Menu consists of hamburger, and hamburg x2, x3, x4; fries; water, milkshake or PBR. No major decisions.

                  Big folks can weigh in at giant scale in center of grill area; one guy stepped up, weighed 385#, and ate free. Wheeeeee.

                  Fries: thick-cut, crispy, nothing memorable despite lard-frying. Sogged eventually.
                  Burger: expected greasy/juicy and flavorful for price. Generic large mystery-meat burger, drier than should be, no seasoning. One friend threw his down in disgust. No one at table finished theirs. Looking at tables around us, no one else finished theirs either.

                  Overall: just riding on hype from the original concept. Setting is generic. Food not worth a repeat. No reason to linger; we went elsewhere for drinks and a snack to finish off.

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                    Sounds perfect for the obese, 300 LB plus folks. I'll pass.
                    What overly sweet and rich desserts do they offer for diabetics?

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                      LOL, good question. I didn't actually notice any desserts.