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May 21, 2011 03:59 AM

Terrible Fish and Chips at Yankee Clipper, Niantic, CT

My wife and I had the taste for fish and chips last night - ie, the old fashioned batter-dipped and deep-fried kind. Found a menu online offering batter-dipped and we were off to the Yankee Clipper.

We ordered and were served quickly.

Unfortunately, the fish was virtually inedible. The batter crust was super- thick and soggy. The fish inside was certainly not fresh and was probably frozen. The fries were soggy and wet with oil.

Our guess was that the fish had been cooked at some earlier date and frozen - then maybe a quick dip with the fries into a hot oil bath.

So, Yankee Clipper gets four thumbs down and we will never visit again.


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  1. When I want seafood I go to Captian Scott's Lobster dock. They have never disappointed me. I am always glad when I know they have opened for the season. But be warned only outsid seating available.

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      You're correct. Weather has kept us away so far. Also waiting for the return of SeaHorse.