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May 20, 2011 08:53 PM

Grocery Delivery in Richmond?

A friend who lives in Richmond (Southside suburbs) was looking for a grocery store that delivered. I grew up in Richmond, but haven't lived there in many years. But I've lived in a lot of other places (cities and suburbs), and in the last few years it seems like grocery delivery was available almost everywhere. But I did some internet searching and can't find anything in Richmond. (I thought Ukrops used to offer this, but it's gone now, along with Safeway.) The best I found were a couple of places that seem to be personal shopping services, and their selection was surprisingly limited. Is there any place that I'm missing?

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  1. None of the grocery stores deliver that I know of, but a great online order service does.

    1. There's also grocery delivery via shopping cart site:

      Ecovian has a big list of Richmond CSA's:

      Also, search: "CSA delivery Richmond VA "
      and you can find more CSA deliveries via