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May 20, 2011 08:22 PM

ISO salted chocolate in Vancouver

Any favourites available (or even made) here?

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  1. One of my fave combos, especially the ones with caramel:

    -Purdy's choco with caramel and pink salt are good.

    -A friend likes the ones from cocolico

    -Even Lindt's sea salt and dark chocolate is decent and readily available

    -I'm sure there's plenty more out there.

    1. I live for salty-sweet combos!

      I 2nd the Lindt sea salt and dark chocolate - very satisfying (lots of flaked salt) and often on sale at London Drugs.

      Also 2nd the cocolico (Wendy Boys) chocs. The vanilla salt caramel peanut butter crunch squares are out of this world! Perfect balance of salt, sweet, smooth and crisp

      Cocoa Nymph's Sea Nymph bar really rocks my world. Nice thick bar, good chocolate (dark-ish about 64%) moderately salted, good value at about $6 per bar.

      Off Main street, http://www.chocolaterienouvellefrance... has a lovely fleur de sel milk chocolate (and another with fds and coconut), small wafers packed full of flavour (and so many other delicate handmade chocs - love the lavender too). Great salted caramels too!

      Not chocolate, but Payday bars are pretty darn fine.

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        Excellent suggestions, all, and duly noted. Didn't know about Cocolico at all.

        1. re: grayelf

          You can find Cocolico at EdibleBC (that's where I go for my vanilla salt caramel peanut butter crunch square fix). Cocoa Nymph Sea Nymph bars are there too, along with a few other local and local-ish brands.

          Another wonderful chocolate and salt treat: Purebread's dark chocolate cookie with rosemary and fleur de sel. Find them at the farmers markets. Schedule here:!markets

      2. I really enjoy the fleur de sel caramels at Daniel Belge...the hearts-oozy caramel and the squares-chewier. The chocolate caramels with fleur de sel from Cocoa West are to die for but I don't know if they sell them here. They do ship though and I bet it'd be quick as they are not too far.

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          I just tried a fleur de sel solid bar by Galerie au Chocolat...looks like it comes from Quebec. Very good, 72% cocoa and fair trade. I bought it at the Dirty Apron.

        2. Thomas Haas on Broadway and/or North Van.