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Seltzer Water In Plastic Bottles

MarkG May 20, 2011 08:16 PM

on average, how long till an opened bottle goes flat. my average is 3-4 hours even if the cap is screwed on tight after opening. is this abnormal??

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  1. d
    DGresh RE: MarkG May 21, 2011 02:37 AM

    Interesting, I've just started drinking seltzer regularly and noticed that it was flat the next day in the fridge, which surprised me.

    1. m
      Maximilien RE: MarkG May 21, 2011 07:30 AM

      "is this abnormal??"


      Maybe the cap was leaking "air", it sometime happen when the seal is first brake open when opening the bottle; water might not leak, but air and gas will.

      It could also be depended on the "quality" of the carbonation process; or if it was natural carbonation.

      That's why I buy small bottles instead of large ones.


      1. t
        travelmad478 RE: MarkG May 21, 2011 07:44 AM

        3-4 *hours*? I have to think you're doing something wrong (like leaving it open for a long time before putting the cap back on?) I buy seltzer in 1-liter bottles and it last 3-4 days.

        You could always try getting a SodaStream. Then you can re-charge your flat water whenever you like.

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        1. re: travelmad478
          sunshine842 RE: travelmad478 May 21, 2011 07:46 AM

          or as goofy-looking as they are, those vacuum pump thingies that pump air into the bottle to help extend the life of the bubbles.

          1. re: travelmad478
            gloriousfood RE: travelmad478 May 21, 2011 09:26 AM

            +1. Mine last 5-7 days.

          2. e
            escondido123 RE: MarkG May 21, 2011 08:17 AM

            3-4 hours seems too quick, but I do buy glass bottled seltzer because it lasts longer unopened.

            1. Karl S RE: MarkG May 21, 2011 10:43 AM

              Yes. Mine lasts at least 3-4 days (sometimes even 7 days). The carbonation gradually fades.

              Don't store opened seltzer bottles on their side - you are creating an ellipse with more surface area than a circle, so greater loss of carbonation.

              And choose a good maker - not all seltzer is equally well carbonated....

              1. c
                CrazyOne RE: MarkG May 21, 2011 07:12 PM

                I dunno, I'm really picky about how flat things go especially it seems in plastic bottles. I consider plastic bottles to be effectively one-time use, like cans. A few hours seems about fine, but by the next day it's always too nasty. Doesn't matter if it's Coke, seltzer, whatever. Doesn't matter if it's 2-liter, 1-liter, 20oz bottle, 12oz bottle, just doesn't matter. So it could be just a matter of how picky you are about the carbonation. Or maybe it really is inferior carbonation, I don't know, but I know it's not just cheap seltzer that does it. Name-brand sodas are problematic as well, at least for me.

                Been a while since I bought anything fizzy in a glass bottle that wasn't a single serving (Boylan's ginger ale has been a recent fave, but that's just 12oz bottles), so I don't really know how much that might help.

                Been thinking about SodaStream again recently though as we've ramped up purchase of plain club soda/seltzer. Been buying it in cans for the moment. Been beginning a lot of sentences with "been".... ;-)

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