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May 20, 2011 06:31 PM

Great crust at Pizzaria Rosso—Norwalk

Just had our second round of pizzas from this new place (in the unlikely location just over the railroad tracks from Dunkin' Donuts and tucked in behind a cut-rate furniture store). They use great ingredients and the pizza is delicious but MAN! The crust is so good I found myself, both times, eating that first.

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  1. Their pizza is good but the crust is too thick for me.
    I will ask them to thin the outer crust for me next time.
    I still prefer John's Best (New Canaan Ave location) but they don't seem to be opening anytime soon.
    Pizzaria Rosso is a good alternative.
    Note: special for the month of May is their 16" tomato/cheese pizza for only $5.

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      I will have to try this place. Any relation to the Stamford restaurant?

      Also...John's Best is now on Rte. 7 up by the DMV.

    2. I am always on the lookout for good pizza. While this part of CT has many locally owned Pizzerias, many of them are really not that good.

      Pizzeria Rosso recently opened in Norwalk, CT. It had received some favorable reviews and I thought that I would try it out. I did a pickup at the store, so I received my Pizza hot from the oven.

      First Impressions: Very good crust, sauce and cheese. The pizza was a little soggy in the center. The sweet sausage topping was the only disappointment..

      A 12" pie with 1 topping was $9.00. This can serve two people.

      In summary: Pizzeria Rosso offers a very good, traditional Neapolitan pizza made with top quality ingredients. Significantly better than the nationals chains and better than most of the local pizzerias.
      I would definitely go back again.

      Highly recommended..