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May 20, 2011 06:06 PM

RIZ North Review 3321 Yonge St M4N2L9 Phone: (416) 322-6789

Decor: clean, elegant, relaxed, and bright, white and warm. Elegant. Peaceful even.

It used to be Joy Cherry's retail store. It was slated to become UP then something happened and the UP was removed from the windows and we were tickled pink to hear it was going to be Asian.

Yesterday at lunch I saw the paper come off the windows and a women was polishing the windows said that they should be open for dinner. We had other plans but promised to return for lunch.

Today we were there for an early lunch.Hooray! It was music to my ears to hear Cantonese being spoken at RIZ North today at our lunch there.

We decided to try "All You Can Taste" menu $16 adults, $12 for children.

My spouse had to be dragged in, he could not fathome Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai dishes all under the same roof. True, the menu is daunting.

We tried as may dishes as we could stuff into our tummies. I am truly surpirsed that they can managed so many different sauces. They must have a huge kitchen behind there.

I would stick to the Cantonese style dishes and some spicy ones as well for my palate. My spouse loved the sushi and my two girls had two servings maki. I was surpise because my 4 year old do not like sushi but she at 3 cumumber maki and love it.

Ingredients were fresh, presentation neat and pretty. Service attentive and warm.

Definately we will return.

If we didn't have my two noisy girls with us, it would have made a perfect lunch.



Oh by the way, if you are having the "All You Can Taste" don't be in a rush, it took us a while to get our dishes but that worked well because the dishes were big enough that we needed the time to digest to try many different dishes.

I would recomend going with 5 adults so you can try many dishes at a time! I wish so many other restos did this so you can try different dishes so you can find which ones you love the best.

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  1. My husband also really liked the Korean stylish Rib dish and my daugher loved chicken sour and sweet :)
    I liked their tofu dishes.

    1. I took my daughter for the all you can eat lunch..The selection was amazing sushi,pho,dim sum,noodles,delicacies,wok,rice dishes and I'm sure I am forgetting some things. The price point was perfect 16 for adults and 12 for children.the food did come slowly but we appreciated it as it did allow us to digest.We had the Ha gaow,eggplant and rice wok,shanghai noodle,thai mango fish,bbq pork bun,and maki. The food was hot and fresh. Our server was very attentive.the decor was stunning.It will give the neighbour resto cravings a real run for its money.I may be one of it's first converts.I agree with Idas the menu is somewhat overwhelming as there is so much to chose from..but alas I will return and evetually try happy we have a new Asian resto in the lawrence /yonge hood

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Hmm. We ate there today and the sauces were very different, not horrible but not very tasty. Definately not as good as the last time we ate there.. maybe they were having an off day?
          Anyone else notice?

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          1. re: Idas

            Toronto has an enviable Asian restaurant scene, especially Chinese and Korean, though they do tend to be kind of far out in the 'burbs. To me, this fusion concept is a lame attempt at pleasing everyone. We already have enough Spring Rolls in the city.

            Since the above reviews, Riz seems to have upped the price of their "all you can taste" menu to $18 for adults. Not sure of the kids' price. In this humble opinion, $18 for a lunch buffet is too damn much, unless the food is amazing. And it's not.

            Nice decor aside, I found the food mediocre at best, and worst of all was the misleading lunch menu in the window. We went in at lunch time based on that, ordered a la carte, and were charged the much higher "all day menu prices." Server never explained the multiple menu systems, and the impish female manager was extremely rude when I asked her about it once I realized the problem.

            They don't do sushi and chow-mein, but if you want good Thai food, wander down the block to Joy Thai at Yonge and Woburn.

            1. re: manicmzungu

              good to know! It seems very busy though
              ...imagine if a authentic Cantonese restaurant opened up around here, family style, it would do amazing....I am praying for this.
              Mmmm. Craving is ok. But too formal for my two kids, something a little more casual but more delish would be so awesome...

          2. I went for dinner last week and found the appetizers, Shrimp rolls and Chicken satay to be mediocre, certainly nothing special. The entrees, crispy beef was excellent, as was the green curry chicken but the coconut rice that came with the chicken was overcooked into oblivion. Mush. The veggie fried rice was overcooked too, but luckily not quite as bad. The desserts though, fried bananas and molten cake were delicious. Ok meal with a few potholes.

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            1. re: Nocontact

              I dinned there a few weeks ago and was not impressed at all. Cravings which I think is just "OK" is much better. I do agree that they did a great job on the decor.

              1. re: gogomiser

                What a pity, if only an inspired chef could up the ante at this location, I'd be happy to pay more money for superior Chinese cuisine. Driving east and west of the GTA is nasty with hungry kids in the trunk, I mean, backseat. With the location, if only they had worked out parking somehow for non-locals, they could really do something more legendary at this location. Especially with winter settling in.

                1. re: Idas

                  I can relate to your position. I don't live in your area, but rather in North Scarborough where there is a plethora of great Cantonese restaurants, but I also occasionally crave great (even "middle of the road" decent) Canadian-Chinese, but none exist. In the Yonge/Eglington area, I think there have been only 2 restaurants in recent history that could wave an "authentic" Cantonese flag. I'm thinking of Cha Liu (actually quite mediocre) and Lai Toh Heen. What they have in common is that they are both gone/closed. What is left and surviving is middle of the road Canadian-Chinese...thinking of C'est Bon, etc (great Chinese-Canadian might be extinct in TO). This tells me that a great authentic Cantonese restaurant located in the Yonge/Eglinton is a long shot....demographics don't support. However you are still more likely to get your wish than I mine;)