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May 20, 2011 06:00 PM

Oceana torched!

I have no use for Oceana for a litany of reasons, but I still can't believe they'd be willing to air their extremely dirty laundry on national TV! Even I cringed while watching them get roasted by Gordon Ramsay just now on "Kitchen Nightmare". Yikes! Who, after watching this, could ever set foot in the place? If it was an attempt to get publicity, I think it backfired on them. GOOD publicity, yes, but this?!

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  1. Coming from someone who has been there since Ramsey was there and probably will not be back there. The crawfish omlette upset my wife's stomach and felt like a tourist trap to me.
    Peace Out!!

    1. It's usually one of the places we hit for breakfast when in town as they began serving the Petunia's breakfast menu after Petunia's closed. My wife will never step foot in there after that episode.

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      1. re: roro1831

        I haven't seen the episode yet, but spoke to someone who was there and said that a LOT of what was seen was staged. it's a shame they felt they needed to get publicity from doing that show. They still make the best crab cakes in the Quarter.

        1. re: rouxdauphine

          Roux, I won't spoil it for you, but wait til you see the part of the show with the crab cakes...

          1. re: sanglier

            wonder how much was "fox-ified" (reality/shock tv) and how much was real - overall it was one of the most negative kitchen nightmares shows i think. Once a tourist trap - always a tourist trap - obviouusly Moe is in it for the money. They probably served fresh food for about 2 days after ramsey left and it is back to usual to increase profit margins.

          2. re: rouxdauphine

            Yea I'm sure this comment isn't staged...bullshit

        2. I walked inside of the establishment to check it out as a possible spot for an after the wedding brunch spot for in town relatives. The lack of decor and ambience was not what I had in mind by a long shot. Have never been back.

          1. That was one of the most painful things I've ever seen... from the one brother's cretinous attitude to the former chef's astounding lack of quality control over the kitchen, to the shameful amount of screaming and cursing at the people who worked there... mind-boggling.

            I've never been and never will. I haven't seen a lot of KN episodes, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen food from a walk-in make Gordon Ramsey VOMIT before.

            The cretinous brother - I forget his name - going out and getting drunk during the big re-opening said it all.

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            1. re: dearcallie

              Did anyone see the episode on Zeke's? Curious how that turned out.

              1. re: CharlieH

                Zeke's started out bad but looks like the owners got the message by the end, unlike the moron Moe at Oceana.

                1. re: CharlieH

                  I belong to a business networking group that meets every week at Zeke's, and can personally attest that the food has improved exponentially since the KN episode. Candace - the waitress who served Ramsey - has always been a sweetheart.

                2. re: dearcallie

                  "I haven't seen a lot of KN episodes, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen food from a walk-in make Gordon Ramsey VOMIT before."

                  I believe I have seen every episode of KN both UK and US and he has vomited many times in the US series. I wouldn't place too much stock in it since it's one of the tropes of the show, really. EVERY kitchen is the filthiest he's ever seen, EVERY chef is the most incompetent, EVERY owner is the most clueless, EVERY family is the most dysfunctional, etc. etc.
                  Having said that though, Oceana does have the dubious distinction IMO of having the most revolting kitchen since Dillon's (NYC Indian restaurant) in season one. Although Fiesta Sunrise came close.

                3. I was laughing my a_ _ off when the one brother convinced his other brother that being called a "busy idiot" is a compliment in "Britain" and that Gordon Ramsey clearly doesn't speak English because he's from "British"....

                  They were so dumb and that chef so awful that I didn't even squirm when they got skewered. But I have a hard time believing that it wasn't totally put on... either by the producers or by the restaurant owners to get themselves on the show in the first place.

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                  1. re: harryharry

                    "Hah, He's Britain? Blimey!! I'll kick his ass straight back to British!!"
                    I caught part of this episode, and it was horrifying. I don't usually watch the show because it gives me a marked distaste for, and suspicion about, restaurants.....which I love patronizing. If it's worth anything to anyone, something that's worked for us is a quick bathroom inspection; if the house cares enough to make sure it's clean and tidy at all times, they more than likely care about the BOH too.

                    1. re: mamachef

                      Exactly. If the restroom--which the owner knows customers will see--is not clean, I have little hope for the kitchen cleanliness.