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May 20, 2011 04:57 PM

Southern Hospitality has just that and more

i was in a part of town I don't normally frequent for a training class today and a few of us decided to check out Southern Hospitality on N. Lamar.

Food was very fresh and healthy, if you can believe that, for southern cooking. The people working there (owners?) were very gracious and helpful. I highly recommend this place for a great lunch. They've been open for 2 years. I hope they last for a long time.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting place. I'm really tempted by the chiken and dumplins'. Thanks for bringing up.

    1. Thanks chispa_c, I too went there recently and have been meaning to post. Great spot for sure if you can't get down to Galloway's for lunch. My fried catfish was quite good which surprised me for this fried catfish poor region of Texas.

      And yes, the sides are surprisingly healthy and vegetarian which might turn off those looking for veggies cooked in bacon, but the "greens" were not collard but spinach. Did you have dessert? I meant to but was too full.

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      1. re: Carter B.

        I had the catfish buffet special (Friday special) with a great salad, carrots, greens and green beans. They were bringing out spaghetti as we were leaving. There was no bread available but we were told they usually have cornbread.

        There were some slices of cake on the counter but I didn't indulge. Another patron was raving about their fried chicken and their breakfasts.

        Good folks, lovely local place.

        1. re: chispa_c

          The raves for the fried chicken are justified (on the Tuesday buffet). It's seasoned just enough so it tastes like chicken. It's fried at the proper temperature so that it has a good crust on the outside and still juicy inside and there's not an overwhelming amount of breading. It's truly some of the finest fried chicken I've ever eaten. With all that said, the meatloaf (which is also on the Tuesday buffet) wasn't so great. But the goodness of the fried chicken makes up for the mediocrity of the meatloaf.

          The place is owned and run by a lovely young couple. The wife runs the front of the house and the husband is the cook. They're warm and friendly and they put out some terrific food. I go excited and leave happy.

      2. 7.99 using their internet coupon, this as Carter B. suggests might be the best catfish in Austin, nice salt level and lightly breaded but strong on the cracked cornmeal crunch. and for that price including all the solid healthy veg sides and what not (fried potatoes, mac n cheese) including fried chicken wings and drummies, this is one of the better bargains in town. Clean, non-oil smelling interior, simple decor. Great service.

        1. i agree the fried chicken is great and the ownesr are so nice.

          1. I went there this tuesday to try the fried chicken. The first piece I had was quite good but the piece from the second batch was over cooked and dry, but I think it was a smaller breast and probably that piece just got over cooked. The food in general was good. My major complaint is they could not keep food on the buffet. My first pass through I was able to get the last piece of chicken and about a quarter size (like a $.25 piece) of meatloaf. When I went back, there was no chicken, and no meatloaf, and no mac and cheese. i waited and waited, finally they put out a tiny bit of meatloaf, and the 4 people who got there first finished it all off. In the end I had 2 pieces of chicken and about a fork full of meatloaf (but that one bite was delicious).

            If you are going to have a buffet, you have to keep sufficient food on it to serve your seating capacity seems like. I saw some people preparing togo orders, maybe that was part of the problem, I dunno. I left wanting more, but we couldn't wait around for them to maybe or maybe not bring more food out.