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May 20, 2011 04:22 PM

Foodie Wedding Caterers in LA?

We are new to LA, getting married here, and wondering if anyone has a suggestion for caterers that might cater to, well, expat Brooklyn foodies. Price isn't the issue but not looking to get overly pretentious. Looking for a local/organic/heirloom-ish approach, with some interesting vegetarian options, and top-notch ingredients. Creative and sophisticated, but not alienating to Midwestern grannies.

Maybe a modern Tuscan? We love Frankie's/Il Buco/Locanda vini e Olii, if that reference helps! Thanks anyone for any suggestions.

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  1. Dont know your budget, and you may need to get in line, but the chefs at Animal still cater, but they just may be too cool for us regular folks now. But they would be my first call for sure.

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        oops! didn't see that this string was from 2011…
        but, I'll still 2d the recommendation and say that Chef Matt Poley and crew are very talented and that Heirloom's food truck is out in front of Silverlake Wine every Monday night while occasionally pairing food for the Sunday tastings.

      2. We had the folks from Chichen Itza cater our wedding party and it was great.

        Chichen Itza
        3655 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007

        1. Auntie Em's does a fantastic job...all sorts of different menus.

          1. Heirloom LA is catering my wedding in a month. I really like their food and am very happy with them so far. I would highly recommend. You can taste their food at the new food truck and often at Silverlake wine tastings on Sundays.

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              emosbaugh, i wondered if you were pleased with heirloom la's catering for your wedding. any advice/suggestions with regards to using them? thanks!