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May 20, 2011 04:04 PM

Amsterdam Falafelshop vs Maoz

I just moved to Washington and I love falafel and am trying to better understand the scene here. Maoz is obviously a franchise and well known and I like their food. Seems like Amsterdam (haven't been yet) is a Washington institution that people love. What are everyone's thoughts? Someone said Amsterdam is looking to franchise - will they be able to beat Maoz?

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  1. Amsterdam is a favorite due to its location in Adams Morgan its a good alternative to a jumbo slice the toppings make the falafel I can really speak about Maoz. But I like to support local business

    1. Here's a thread where the two are compared - by me and by others.

      1. Both are very good (and both should be tried). I personally like Maoz a little more because I like their toppings/condiments---mostly because their garlic mayo sauce is truly addictive. This stuff is so good I've been tempted to bath in it.

        Maoz is also only one of three certified Kosher restaurants in DC as well, in case that is something you are concerned with.

        Amsterdam falafel is good though for a late night eat.

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          Can I throw in a vote for Zorkafor's Sandveg in Old Town Alexandria? I haven't been to the other two mentioned above, but the falafel (and esp the condiments) at ZS were exceptional.

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            Hm, I actually like Amsterdam way better than Maoz! I feel like their balls are tastier--Maoz's seem a little boring to me--and have been crispier on the outside the times I've been there. My new favorite falafel: Friends Kabob on 19th(?) St near(ish) Dupot Circle. The one time I've been their falafel was shaped almost like a particularly plump mini-donut, had great flavor and super crispy, nubby outside.

            1. re: stgrove

              You mean that new place with green signage on P Street, that was converted recently from...Legends, IIRC? Have been wondering if that place is any good. It looks kind of sketchy, as did the Legends...I recommend the Afghan kabob place up the street if you're into that kind of food.

              I really like Maoz and prefer it to Amsterdam for the generally laid-back vibe - you can go up and get more from the toppings bar if you want, it's clean and comfortable - though I haven't tried Amsterdam for years now.

              1. re: hamster

                If we are thinking of the same place it's in the old Pizzeria Paradisio space I think.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  No, the place I'm thinking of is further down, next door to the Fireplace at the corner with 22nd.
                  Here's the website:

                  1. re: hamster

                    Oh gotcha. I'll have to check it out.

                  1. re: stgrove

                    Oh, at 20th and M! I hadn't heard about that, thanks for the tip!

                    1. re: stgrove

                      Ooh, the menu looks great and they have Persian khoreshes!! Is this place open at lunch and dinner, weekends too? They don't seem to have their hours on the website.

                  2. re: stgrove

                    I'll have to check out Friends of Kabob----is it the new place on P street? If so it's right near my apartment.

                    Next time you go to Maoz make sure to try the garlic mayo on your falafel. SO GOOD!

                    1. re: Elyssa

                      Kabob House Food Corner, it's above the new empanada place I think, between 20th and 21st. This is my favorite place in Dupont lately.

                      1. re: Elyssa

                        I'll give Maoz another try with the garlic mayo! (Garlic+mayo--nothing wrong with that.) Not a fan of the green sauce they have at Maoz. Look like it'd be good, but it had an unpleasantly bitter taste to me.

                    2. re: Elyssa

                      "This stuff is so good I've been tempted to bath in it."

                      HA! there's one for a Zagat listing!