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May 20, 2011 03:21 PM

Your favorite restaurants for the money

Im in Dallas but need to broaden out from the same old establishments. Where do you go for reliably excellent food for the money. Doesn't have to be dirt cheap, just good value.

My List:

The Grape
Keller's drive in
The Mercury
Royal Thai
Fuel City Tacos

2525 Wycliff Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

Royal Thai
5500 Greenville Ave Ste 608, Dallas, TX 75206

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  1. You might like Farnatchi. It's very reasonable and, BYOB. Same goes for Urbano Cafe on Fitzhugh just west of Jimmy's at Bryan.

    1. I dumb down my expectations for any Tex-Mex or Mexican entree under 10 bucks, and I have had enough refried beans and rice for a lifetime, but the tortilla soup at Blue Goose Cantina for 7 bucks is very good, and for me it's a meal.