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May 20, 2011 02:59 PM

Best lobster roll, Portland to Waterville?

Maine hounds, this is a very important question. This will be my son's first lobster roll ever. He saw Becky's lobster roll on Diners etc. and is craving one. Is Becky's a good choice or is there one that is demonstrably better?


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  1. Tubby's Ice Cream in Wayne. This lobster roll is worth the detour. I think Tubby has a new location in downtown Winthrop, too...but I haven't tried the lobster roll there.

    Actually I'm not sure that Tubby's lobster roll is "demonstrably" better than Becky's, but you get to have some of TUBBYS ICE CREAM afterwards!

    Tubby's Ice Cream
    176 Main St, Wayne, ME 04284

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      Thanks Jack -- We'll probably be going for milkshakes at the place in Smithfield (made with North Street Dairy ice cream), but it's always good to have options!