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May 20, 2011 01:27 PM

A La Maison in Ardmore for lunch?

Am treating a friend to lunch in 2 weeks, and she wants to try somewhere new. She lives near KoP mall but often is in Wayne/Bryn Mawr area, which is closer to me. I was thinking maybe of A La Maison since she loves Paris. Even though I know A La Maison has been around for a while, I haven't tried it since the reviews here were iffy at best in the beginning, and I know she hasn't been there. I'm wondering whether anyone has been recently and if recommended for lunch, is there decent parking nearby? Appreciate any input.

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  1. My husband and I have been to A La Maison several times for lunch as it's very close to our home in Haverford. I would recommend it - the food has been consistently good, the French Onion Soup is fantastic and I really enjoyed my chicken salad plate the last time I was there. They recently changed their menu a bit and now have mussels for two, plus a number of crepes served with fries (really good, thin-cut) or a salad with good mustard vinaigrette. They also just recently put tables outside if it's a nice day.

    Ambience is lovely, feels like you're in France, and it's never too loud. There is metered parking behind the building if you turn at the McDonald's, and there's a back door to the restaurant so you can enter from the lot.

    The only issue we've had is the service - their main waiter for lunch is an older, very gruff French gentleman who is very abrupt and not pleasant at all. Our "could we make the Croque Monsieur into a Croque Madame?" request was met with "what? no. we don't do that anymore", and when I asked if there were any specials, he laughed and said "this is lunch, not dinner. no specials". Pretty obnoxious but he refills things briskly and all that.

    1. I'm not a big fan of A La Maison and frankly I don't think it would be worth the trip from KOP/Wayne to Ardmore.

      If you don't mind something a little more casual, Hummus in Ardmore is a newer place some great kebabs, falafel and hummus, and its byob.

      1. I'm not a fan of A La Maison for dinner, but I really like it for lunch. Last time I went I had a lovely goat cheese salad, and my friend loved her salade nicoise. Nice atmosphere, and quiet.

        1. Well, we did go to A La Maison for lunch and it was great! I had the escargot first, which was good, and then Shrimp and Scallop Risotto which was fabulous. The shrimp were average but the scallops were perfectly cooked. The risotto was incredible. It had tomatoes and fava beans (a favorite) in it and had a very slight amount of lemon flavor that complemented the seafood. It was a dish I would happily order again. My friend had the onion soup first, which she adored, and then had the salmon crepes, which she said were very good. They didn't really go with my risotto so I didn't try them.

          Thanks all for the input. I was glad to finally try the restaurant and would gladly go back again. I will, however, probably go for lunch as there were about 6 other tables and it was somewhat loud with just those few. I bet it is indeed noisy at dinner.